A Semi-Inground Pool on view in the Pettis Pools & Patio Pool Park

A semi-inground pool is well suited for yards that have some slope, steep terrain, or are uneven. One edge of the pool can be ground level, while the other is built into the slope of your yard. This is an attractive solution because it integrates well with the landscape of your backyard.
At Pettis Pools & Patio, we carry the Foxxx Ultimate pool, which is constructed of 14 gauge in-ground quality steel. This gives the pool unmatched strength and durability. The sizes range from an 12’ round to a 17×32 oval, with a water depth of 4’.

Main Features:

  • Maintenance Free Top Cap
  • Pro-Grade Marigo Bay Vinyl Liner
  • Batten Board Vertical Siding Kit
  • Protection Coating System
  • In-Ground pool skimmer
  • Superior strength steel
  • A-frame Safety Ladder

You can see a semi-inground pool at our exclusive “Pool Park”, which opens in April each year. Just stop at our Greece location and wander amid the different types of pools at your leisure. This way you can see them up close and ask any questions you may have.