Fox Inground Pool

Owning an inground swimming pool is part of the American dream.  They still conjure up images of glamorous parties, backyard barbeques and family togetherness. An inground pool becomes the centerpiece of your backyard and transforms your home into your own personal resort.

Inground pools are more expensive than above ground, but they are also a permanent home improvement; adding both aesthetic and intrinsic value to your home. Because a pool becomes a permanent part of your home, make sure that you invest in a quality product. Pettis Pools began building pools in 1962 with the Fox brand and still builds those same pools today. Why?  Simply because there is no better pool on the market. We offer you decades of expertise and lasting quality.

A swimming pool keeps your family together. It provides a healthful place to exercise, and it gives you a unique all-family center for summertime fun, entertainment,and relaxation.

It’s yours to use everyday, whenever you wish. Just open your backdoor and let Pettis open a new and exciting world of lasting pleasure for every member of your family!

Owning your own swimming pool gives your family a whole new lifestyle. You’ll save money. When you own a pool, there’s no need to drive, no packing, no waiting in traffic, no hassles, etc. You’ll stay home more often, because your home has now become your own, private vacation resort. You’ll feel better physically, too! Swimming means healthful exercise and is the ideal way to stay in shape. It’s been endorsed by the American Heart Association and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. Exercising in water is easier on your muscles and joints; so, no more tennis elbow or jogger’s knee!

Ingrounds range from play pools with depths of 3-to-5 feet to pools with deeper depths appropriate for diving. Before you purchase an inground pool think about how your family will use it. Do they like to play a lot of water sports? Swim laps? A combination of swimmers and splashers? The Fox pool building method, using the X-Brace™ concept and Fox-made liners, allows us to design a pool that is limited only by your imagination and budget. All custom pools must conform to current APSP safety standards. If you have a specific idea or would like to let your imagination flow, talk to us about creating a custom pool, just for you or stop into either Pettis location and take a look through our inground picture gallery. You will also find photos for inspiration on our website.

Think about who will be using the pool and how; then design with those needs in mind to build a pool your entire family will be happy with for years to come.

About Our Pools

Pettis Pools & Patio has been installing prize-winning Fox inground pools since 1962. There is no better engineered inground pool on the market. Our hundreds and hundreds of pool installations have proven that time and time again.

Because an in-ground pool becomes a permanent part of your house, it is critical that you invest in a quality product and a quality contractor. Learn more about Fox below.


Fox began building pools in 1957 and offers decades of expertise and innovation. Fox was the first to perfect and patent its famous X-Brace pool concept which is so strong that the pool will stand with or without water and so well-engineered that your deck can be poured and completed before filling the pool.

This structural integrity allows our average build time to be only two weeks long and final landscaping can be completed immediately with no waiting for ground settlement. Your beautiful pool will be ready—and your family will be swimming before you know it! Fox Pools X-Brace Technology In-Depth.

Fox and Pettis offer many products to enhance your enjoyment of your new pool.  See below for several ideas:

Exclusive Fun Family Pool Features

Deck jets

Deck Jets

These create a dramatic look for your pool as elegant water arches add that custom touch you’ve been looking for.

Buddy Seat  (exclusive to Fox and Pettis)

In addition to a wide selection of stairs, we offer the Buddy Seat In-Pool Lounge. The Buddy Seat Lounge gives you two contoured lounge seats inside the pool, complete with massaging hydrotherapy jets for true relaxation. With the Buddy Seat Lounge you’ll always have a cool place to sit and read or just relax, right in the pool. The Buddy Seat Lounge will no doubt become the most popular spot in your pool.

Buddy Seat

LED Pool Lights

LED Lighting

Fox lighting systems range from standard lighting to color changing/mood changing SAm lights, fiber optic, or long lasting, energy efficient LED lighting. They make your pool a true centerpiece.


We carry a variety of realistic rock waterfalls that provide an added natural touch to any pool. Rock waterfalls not only improve the look of your pool, but the tranquil sound of cascading water will enhance your total pool experience.


Maintenance-Free Features

We know you want your pool to take as little time as possible to maintain, so we have worked hard to bring you the top time savers we could find in the industry.

Salt Generator

Salt Generators

Salt generators produce chlorine for the pool so you do not have to buy it, store it or handle it. They also help fight against waterline scum build-up; and create a better, healthier swimming experience for most people.

Automatic Vacuums

The next-best thing to having your own “pool guy” is using an automatic pool cleaner for your in-ground pool. An automatic pool vacuum thoroughly cleans your in-ground pool—including the walls. It automatically removes dirt, debris, bugs and twigs and it can navigate around steps, ladders and corners.

Pool Vacuum

Heat Pump

Heat Pumps for Warm Water Swimming

A heat pump pool heater is an energy-efficient way to heat your swimming pool. If you enjoy swimming even on cooler days, a Heat Pump is recommended. When properly sized, a heat pump can maintain any desired pool temperature between 80 and 90 degrees.

This article is designed to give you a general overview of owning an inground pool. Each and every project is unique—which is why we offer free in-home consultations. Let John Napodano or Jim Sproveri explain our process in-depth, take a look at your yard, talk with you about your desires and design a project that will make your dreams come true.

Call John at our Greece location 585-392-7711 or call Jim at our East Rochester location 585-383-0700.