Where would our pools be without our resident pool cleaners, swim instructors and suntan lotion appliers? We have great gifts—at a range of prices—for the pool-loving dad in your life!

Automatic Pool Cleaners: Take the work off Dad’s shoulders by getting him an automatic pool cleaner. He’ll love it!

Above Ground Pools:

Put a Barracuda in your pool! It makes short work of removing dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, sand and even pebbles from your pool floor and walls.

Special Father’s Day Price $149.00

Or really treat Dad with the deluxe Robo-Kleen vacuum. It’s a robot-what more do we need to tell you? Guys love their gadgets, tools and toys—this qualifies as all three! It vacuums the pool floor, microfilters the water, saves up to 50% on electricity and backwashing costs, up to 30% on chemical costs and much more!

Only $349.00

Inground Pools:

Barracuda G2: Ready-to-go right out of the box! Cleans the bottom, walls and steps, moves easily around corners, ladders and steps, requires no special tools.

Our Price $299

Nitro Wall Scrubber: The Nitro Wall-Scrubber is an eco-friendly pool cleaner that uses very small amounts of electricity costing you pennies on the dollar to operate. In addition, it helps the earth by reducing chemical consumption and it increases water conservation by reducing the need to backwash your swimming pool filter.

Our Price $839

Tiger Shark: This is the first portable robot to feature an “easy clean” reinforced cartridge filter. The TigerShark robotic swimming pool cleaner comes equipped with an on-board, smart computer and sensors that allow it to adjust to any shape, size and type of in-ground pool. It cleans brushes, scrubs, vacuums and filters the full length of your pool. The filter cartridge has an impressive surface area of six square feet; it’s able to suck up fine debris on the spot. Easy to operate, just take it out of the box, plug it in and you’re ready to go—no additional tools required!

Our Price: $899

AquaClean Robotic Cleaner: The AquaClean Robotic Cleaner utilizes an exclusive Aqua Smart system technology which drives the cleaner to efficiently clean the entire pool every time. Residential pools up to 860 sq.ft. are thoroughly scrubbed, cleaned and filtered in just 90 minutes.

Our Price $1,099

Solar Pool Heating System

Keep Dad’s pool warm this summer—and extend your swimming season with a solar pool heating system. Our prices range from $149.99- $259.99, depending on your pool size. Just ask to speak with one of our solar pool heater experts. They are happy to answer all of your questions!

Patio Furniture

We have a large selection of patio furniture that will let Dad relax in comfort. Our popular chaise lounges start at $259.00. Stop in and see the incredible selection at our East Rochester location; it’s the largest in the area.

Infrared Saunas

Really want to treat Dad? How about an infrared sauna? Many people incorporate saunas into part of their health routine, so imagine if Dad could enjoy those benefits in his own home! After all, saunas are all about cleansing; by promoting perspiration, these rooms allow the human body to rid itself of toxins and other impurities.

We have two floor models available (one at each store location) as low as $1,199.00.

Hot Tubs on Sale

Or how about a gift for Dad and the whole family? Pick a hot tub with our special Father’s Day pricing of $3,995.00. Choose from a Maax 102 hard-sided hot tub or a Softub T300+, which is soft-sided and amazingly portable. Sale pricing does not apply to special orders.