Essentials oils take your sauna to the next step
Aromatherapy has been used by civilizations around the world for thousands of years, but did you know you can use them to enhance your sauna experience?
Essential oils that are extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, wood, seeds, roots and peel are known to enhance moods and promote health. They are absorbed into the bloodstream and metabolized within the body, producing many benefits beyond just a “nice smell.”
Research shows that essential oils can help by:

  • Reducing tension and anxiety
  • Reducing fatigue and alleviating sleeplessness
  • Enhancing memory recall, concentration and alertness
  • Fighting against colds
  • Relaxing, calming and uplifting the body and mood

If you are thinking about using essential oils in your sauna, do not add them directly onto the sauna rocks or heater. Add them to a full sauna bucket of water and use a sauna ladle to sprinkle the mixture onto the hot rocks. The fragrance will fill the room quickly.
Here are several popular scents to try:

  • Patchouli and lemon essential oils soothe after a workout
  • Lavender oil helps stress and tension fade
  • Eucalyptus and peppermint oils perk up your mind for a clearer focus
  • Chamomile oil helps you relax and drift off to sleep

Using essential oils in your sauna adds another wonderful layer to its use—many people swear by it! Plus, it’s fun to experiment with different combinations to see which ones you like best.
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