With a MAAX Spa®, there are no more reasons for sleepless nights, sore muscles, or suffering from the simple stresses of everyday life. When you own your very own MAAX Spa, you can relax each and every night, while reaping the benefits of physician designed zone therapy and the most advanced hot tub technology in the world.

At Pettis Pool & Patio, we were so impressed by the quality of MAAX Spas that we quickly made them our main traditional hot tub line. We’ve been selling hot tubs since 1972 and have never seen a finer engineered spa. In this posting, we’ll take a look at 3 of the features that set these spas apart from the rest!



TheraMAAX™ Jets

The proprietary TheraMAAX Jets utilize a scientifically designed grill surrounding the nozzle of the jet. This grill reduces drag on the moving parts as well as the cohesion of the jet stream. The TheraMAAX design maximizes performance and improves the massaging action. A three-spoke, stainless steel escustion provides a textured landing for your fingers. This natural shape and position of the landing areas make it easy to adjust the power of the jet.

Calf Zone/Foot Relief Zone

The Calf Zone massages your lower leg with 12 deep tissue massage jets. This increases circulation and promotes healing properties. This feature is great if you’re on your feet a lot; sore and tired feet can affect how we feel all over.
The Foot Relief Zone™ targets both the upper and lower parts of the feet with streams of water that provide a “spa for your feet.”
Comfort Collar™ —Neck Therapy

A neck therapy jet massage system is one of the most relaxing features of a spa. That’s why MAAX Spas has engineered their proprietary Comfort Collar. This unique cushion wraps around your neck, gently cradling your head, while adjustable cyclone jets massage your neck and shoulder muscles. The Comfort Collar also allows a relaxing massage above the waterline; it’s like having your neck massaged by a loved one. In fact, this feature is one of the top reasons people choose MAAX Spas.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? These are just a few of  MAAX Spa’s innovations. To really appreciate these beautiful spas and learn what a difference they can make in your life, stop in to either one of our locations. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the line and help you choose that just-perfect model. We even offer free “wet-testing” so you can enjoy the MAAX experience first-hand before you make your investment.