It’s very important to keep your spa filer clean so we’ve assembled a handy how-to to help you handle this job!
Cartridge Filters are the most common filters in spas and a very important component in keeping your spa water clear. The cartridges are made with a fine, pleated mesh material (usually dacron). The pleats are the key to the filter’s operation. The tight pleats, or folds, allow for a large amount of material to be used in a small container. The more material used, the larger the surface area available to capture unwanted dirt or debris in the water. This is measured by the square feet of the cartridge;  the higher the number, the more material used, the better that cartridge is going to perform.
Since the life of a filter is a tough and important one, it’s best to prepare your filter by following a few simple maintenance rules;
Make sure that the spa runs for at least one hour each day to ensure good water circulation and turnover of the spa water (even if no one is using the spa that day). This provides sufficient filtering time for most spas. Also make sure you add Spa Perfect or Pettis Oil Eater (both great natural enzyme products) to the spa once per week, as this assists in filtering and cuts down significantly on waterline issues.
How often your filter cartridge needs replacing is dependent on a number of factors; the size of the filter, how often it’s cleaned, how much the spa is used and how much debris gets into the water. Generally a filter needs to be replaced every 12 to 18 months, or if you notice any of the following; either of the plastic ends are cracked, fabric pleats separating from the plastic ends or cleaning it doesn’t appear to get it any cleaner. Decreased water clarity even though you’re adding proper chemicals or a musty odor can also be indicative of needing to replace your filter.
How often the filter needs to be cleaned also depends on the size of the filter, how much the spa is used and how much debris gets into the water. Generally portable or self contained spas should have their filters chemically cleaned once a month and rinsed weekly. The best way to clean them is to blast them with a hose fitted with a high pressure nozel. Don’t use any cleaning products not especially designed for cleaning filter cartridges. If your fitter is very dirty, it can be soaked over night using Baquaspa Filter Cleaner. For monthly maintenance cleaning we recommend BaquaSpa Spray & Rinse Filter Cleaner. Simply spray your filter, let it set for 15 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. Both of these cleaners dissolve body oils that don’t rinse off with a simple hose.
Make sure to use some type of floating oil absorbing sponge (like our ” floating beach ball“) in your spa, as these will greatly reduce the amount of oils that get into your filter. Remember also clean and replace them when they deteriorate.
Do not use any soap based cleaners on your spa or the filter, and don’t use car wax on your spa. Cleaners designed for spas, like “303 Vinyl Protectant” work the best.
Make sure you maintain proper water chemistry at all times. Filters are good, but they’re not miracle workers and cannot actually kill off algae or bacteria ! Use a reliable test kit.
It’s also not a bad idea to have two filters and use them on an alternating basis. Switching them so that they may be cleaned thoroughly without losing the use of your spa is very convenient.
Try to shower before using your spa. The worst enemies of filters are, hair spray, mousse or styling gel, deodorant or anti-perspirant, sun tan lotion, excess sweat and skin creams of any sort. In conclusion, it’s most important to keep oils or soaps of any kind out of your spa—remember, a spa is not a bath.
Following these simple, handy suggestions will greatly add to the clarity of your spa water, and keep your filter working for months and months. If you have any questions give us a call at either Pettis Pools & Patio location.