Keep Your Investment Protected and in Top Shape
Here are some care tips from our furniture pros. They will help keep your furniture in great shape for a long life. If you have any questions, please give us a call-at Furniture , helping people is what we’re here for!
The life of your patio furniture fabric largely depends on its care. Clean all spills promptly. The life of the fabric can be extended by simply rinsing down your patio furniture with water.
Be aware, certain suntan and sun block products may permanently discolor any fabric. This possibility can be minimized by immediately cleaning after contact or laying a towel down. In addition, storing the cushions when not in use will extend cushion life.
Prepare a cleaning solution with ¼ cup (2oz.) mild liquid soap in a gallon of lukewarm water (no warmer than 100° F / 38° C). Clean fabric with the solution using a sponge or soft bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow to air dry. We carry a fantastic product called 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner that you can use on your frames and fabrics. Highly recommended! 32oz. bottle for $19.99 or 16oz. for $11.99. Also consider our 303 Indoor/Outdoor Living Protectant.
16 oz. bottle only $11.99.
Hint: Standing a cushion on its side will help it drain faster.
Caution: Certain suntan and sun block products contain “PABA”. PABA is harmful to fabric and can permanently discolor it; therefore, contact with cushions or slings should be avoided. If contact is made, cleaning the fabric immediately with a non-abrasive, mild soap and water solution followed by a fresh water rinse may minimize the possibility of discoloration. Laying a beach towel over the cushions or slings of outdoor furniture whenever you are using the furniture will prolong the fabric life.
A Quick List of Don’ts:

  • Do not use a bleach solution unless specifically listed as a cleaning agent for the specific fabric, such as for solution dyed acrylics or most sling fabrics.
  • Do not submerse or allow cushions to lie in standing water.
  • Do not put cushions into the dryer.
  • Do not use harsh detergents or stiff bristle brushes.
  • Do not use Pine Oil cleaners or abrasive household cleaners.
  • Do not use heat or hot water.

Mildew may form on dirt or other substances deposited upon the fabric. Regular cleaning of the furniture will help to prevent its forming. If mildew does develop, add 1 cup bleach to the cleaning solution. Apply to the affected area and allow to soak in. Scrub with a soft bristle brush, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. For stubborn mildew stains, use a household mildew remover – test in an inconspicuous location first. PLEASE FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS.
Always close market umbrellas and patio umbrellas in their stands when not in use and always use a weighted stand of 50lbs. or more. All umbrellas must always be closed and removed from service in windy conditions to protect umbrellas against damage from inclement weather, and to protect persons from potential injury due to umbrellas toppling or moving in such conditions. If market umbrellas or patio umbrellas become wet, open for a complete airing and make certain they are thoroughly dry before closing.
Occasional lubrication of the moving parts of market umbrellas and patio umbrellas with a silicon lubricant spray is recommended.
Caution: Do NOT gel lubricant on fabric or finish.
Regularly tighten all hardware to avoid loosening which can lead to bolt failure and product breakage. Replace missing hardware (remove product from service until repaired). Regularly tighten the headrest bolts on all chaise lounges and recliners. Confirm movement is smooth without binding and that the ratchet engages properly at each position. Check bottom of all frames to be certain all nylon glides are firmly in place and contact us if your glides need replacing. We carry a large supply and it’s very easy to do yourself.
Painted Finishes
Painted Finishes are used on aluminum seating, wrought iron, tables and umbrellas. Periodically clean the finish with a sponge or soft bristle brush using 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. For gloss finishes, we recommend periodic waxing of the frame with a high-grade automotive paste wax or the use of our 303 Protectant to help maintain and/or restore the luster of the finish. Wrought iron, in particular, will begin to rust if the finish is scratched so we recommend touching it up as soon as possible. We carry a large selection of touch-up paint at our East Rochester store.