Tips for maximizing your hot tub performance
Many people choose to drain and refill their hot tubs at the end of November or the beginning of December since the spa water needs to be changed about every four months. By refreshing your hot tub water now, you’ll get through the coldest months of the winter.



When you refresh your spa’s water it’s a good time to replace or chemically clean the hot tubs cartridge filter. A clean filter will help keep the water more sanitary, reduce chemical usage as well as reduce operational cost. Pettis Pools & Patio carries BaquaSpa Filter Cartridge cleaner which will make your filter cartridge like new! We recommend this for all our spa owners as we have found it to be the most effective cleaner. BaquaSpa Filter Cartridge cleaner is compatible with all sanitizing systems and all brands of spas.

It’s important to allow the filter cartridge to dry completely after chemically cleaning them before re-installing them into your hot tub. The fibers of the cartridge are expanded during the cleaning process and drying allows them to tighten again. In fact, many of our hot tub owners have two sets of filters so one set is always ready to go, giving you ample time to complete a thorough cleaning and drying process on the other set.

All cartridge filters need to be replaced every 12-18 months, regardless of their appearance. We often hear “but my cartridge is still white” implying that color alone dictates when it’s time to replace. Your filter cartridge is made from a fiber, and over time that fiber starts to break down, causing your cartridge to lose some of its ability to filter fine particles. Keeping your hot tub’s water clean and hygienic is an equal combination of proper chemical maintenance AND good filtration. One cannot compensate for the other. And certainly, if your cartridges aren’t coming clean even after chemically cleaning them it is definitely time to replace them! Bring the cartridge part number or the cartridge into Pettis Pools & Patio for a replacement.  We carry Unicel Filters, the best in the industry. If you bought your hot tub at Pettis Pools, we will have the replacement for you.

Even if you didn’t purchase your hot tub at Pettis bring in your cartridge and we might have a replacement or be able to special order one for you. We have a very large selection.

December 2014 Spa Care Sale
  • Save! Receive $5 off a bottle of BaquaSpa Filter Cleaner with the purchase of new filter cartridges
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Spa Cover
This great product conditions the vinyl and provides a UV sunscreen to protect your cover from the harsh rays of the sun which leads to cracking. And, it really stands up to the harsh winter weather. Remember to never shovel snow off your spa cover, use a push broom, so you don’t tear the cover.
As the spa cover gets older it will become heavier and harder to open.  When it becomes heavier it can bow in the center. This “lifts” the edge of the cover off the hot tub and allows heat to escape.
If your cover has tears, rips, or is bowing, print off a spa cover order form ( Fill this out and bring it into Pettis Pools to order a new cover (allow 4- 6 weeks).
As always, if you have further questions about your spa care, stop in or give us a call. We’re happy to help!