There are so many benefits of using a hot tub; stress reduction, sooth ache and pains, detox and family fun. Unfortunately, some people avoid using their hot tub because of the chemicals necessary to keep the water safe & sanitary. One of the most important benefits of hot tubbing is the hot water helps us detox through perspiration. All the toxins which build up in our bodies are released while relaxing in a hot tub. Everything we put on our bodies like deodorants, lotions, etc., are also released into the water. Our bodies are much better off after hot tubbing but we need to take of what our bodies left behind.

SilkBalance family

SilkBalance family

Our hot tubs have advanced cleaning systems such as ozonators, UV sanitization, mineral purifiers but the EPA requires a sanitizer like chlorine to be added. Without these advanced sanitizers the chlorine should be maintained at 3-5 ppm hot tub water. The acceptable level in hot tubs with the above mentioned cleaning systems is 1-3ppm which is the acceptable range for swimming pools, cold water bathing. Even at these reduced levels some bathers still feel the drying effects and can smell the chlorine in the spa water and one their skin.

You purchased your hot tub for hydrotherapy and relaxation, not to handle and bathe in a spa of harsh chemicals. SilkBalance will optimize your water’s performance and allow you to enjoy your spa time.

Here are some of the benefits of SilkBalace:
• Leaves your water silky and soft
• Provides crystal-clear water
• Creates an odor-free environment
• Maintains continuous, pure water quality
• Balances water levels (pH and alkalinity)
• Eliminates the need for excessive chemicals
• Prevents spikes in water levels, making water care easier
• Is so simple to use

Adding SilkBalance to your spa water care regimen will make using your hot tub an even more enjoyable experience. Your skin will feel soft and you won’t feel the need to shower directly after hot tubbing.

To prove how wonderful using SilkBalance is in hot tubs, they have assembled hundreds of customer testimonials. Check out the great things customers have been saying about SilkBalance for years.

Then stop by one of the Pettis Outdoor Living and Sauna locations to learn more. Each location has a hot tub set up using the SilkBalance system so you can feel the difference.