No, it doesn’t come in a box marked “FA – GEE – LAY.” And we absolutely, 100 percent promise it’s not a lamp you’d be embarrassed to put in your front window. But it IS a pretty major reward.
At Pettis, we reward our loyal customers with the Pettis Perks Reward Program. Once you join the program, all you have to do is use your membership card each time you shop at either Pettis Pools location for water care products, furniture, outdoor living products – anything – and you’ll earn free money!

The details:

  • Every time you spend a cumulative $250, you’ll earn $10.
  • We’ll mail you your $10 coupon each time your $250 threshold is reached.
  • Refer a friend, and you’ll get $25 credit on your account if your friend buys a single item valued at $500 or more.
  • Shop on bonus days, and earn $20 coupons!

It’s good, right? Here’s what makes it major: You can use your coupons with other promotions. You can even save them up and apply several to your purchase, so long as your coupons aren’t expired. We’ll even let you know in advance when sales and promotions are coming up, so you can really make those coupons stretch.
I mean, who DOES that?
Anxious to get started? All you have to do is fill out this membership form and bring it in to any location. We also have printed forms on-hand in our stores if that’s more convenient for you. We’ll give you your membership card, then all you need to do is shop ‘till you drop. (Not literally, of course.)
People ask us why we do this. The answer is, we love our customers. We know Pettis Pools wouldn’t be where it is today without them, and this is our way of giving a little something back. #LoveYouGuys