Your backyard oasis doesn’t have to be drab and boring. While natural hues may blend with the environment, pops of color can make a space feel more personal, because it’s all your own. After all, you incorporate color in your home to make a statement, right? So whether you’re renovating your existing pool or planning to build, consider how you can design your pool in colorful new ways.

Bright Colorful Pool Accents

A great way to infuse color into your backyard designs is by placing brightly colored accents against natural color tones. This is easy to do whether you have a Fox in-ground pool or one of our quality above ground pools. For example, if you’re going with the traditional blue color for your pool structure, then orange or yellow are great accent colors that will stand out well in any season. Implement one (or both) of these colors in the cushions for your outdoor furniture, flowers for the accenting flower beds, and decorative items such as paver stones or outdoor lights.
Really, any accent color that fits your personality and preferences will work, whether that’s orange, teal, red or even purple. However, green is probably a color you want to avoid for spring and summer because it blends with the grass and the trees, which means it won’t stand out much against those natural backgrounds.

Color the Water

As you build or renovate your pool, consider adding colored lights. You can get some that float, but installed accent lighting around the rim of your pool will look especially beautiful. Much like the soft light in a diffuser, the colored light dispersing through the water brings a soothing and relaxing element to any night-swim experience.
For an in-ground pool, you can also add a little pizazz to the walkway concrete around the pool with color. In most cases, you’re looking more at natural hues, but there are also concrete stains available with a slightly broader color palette. Both acid wash and water-based stains are available and include reds, blues and yellows.
While the easiest way to add color to your pool design is through accents, here at Pettis Pools we’re happy to help you incorporate color in a variety of ways to make your backyard your own.