Fall is in the air. And along with the changing leaves, shorter days and cooler temps comes something that gets the heart of every child (and lots of adults, too!) pumping: Halloween!
Of course, there’s tons of candy to eat, ghost stories to tell, and scary movies to watch. But if you want to take your Halloween celebrations to the next level this year, throw a Halloween party. If that seems overwhelming, don’t sweat it. We have all of your Halloween party planning tips right here:

Set the Scene

It’s the decorations that make a Halloween party extra-special. If your party is for kids, keep the decor more campy than gory. Think pumpkins, cutouts of bats, and lots of orange and black. But if it’s a party for grown-ups, feel free to go all-out with every over-the-top Halloween decoration you can think of.

Let the Food Steal the Show

Halloween is also a great time to have fun with the food you serve. From cupcakes decorated to look like pumpkins to witches’ brew punch, you can have a lot of fun here. For the adults, serve some special Halloween cocktails.

Are Costumes Required?

Get everyone in the spirit by making costumes mandatory. If your hot tub will be open during the party, award bonus points to the guests who manage to incorporate their swimwear into their costume. Or, fill your hot tub with fresh water, no chemicals, and turn it into a bobbing-for- apples game!

Plan for Trick-or-Treaters

If your party will be on Halloween night itself, have a plan for answering the doorbell to pass out candy to the children in your neighborhood. To make it super-simple, keep a large bowl of treats near the front door and deputize your guests to answer the bell for you.

Make Sure Your Space is Ready

Honestly, we probably should have listed this first. If the weather is fair, encourage your guests to take the party outside – just be sure you have comfortable outdoor furniture for them to sit on when they get there.
Ready for Halloween yet? We are!