Did you know that as you age, you’ll lose muscle strength and flexibility if you don’t exercise? And as you lose that strength and flexibility, you’re more likely to suffer a fall?
That may not sound like that big of a deal, but falls can actually be very serious for seniors. They’re the number one cause of deaths related to injuries among older adults. Every few SECONDS an older adult ends up in the ER because of a fall. They cause broken bones – including hip fractures. That’s an injury that’s very difficult to recover from.
But hope is not lost! There’s plenty you can do to preserve your strength and flexibility to prevent falls. One of the biggest is low-impact exercise, like the kind you can do in a swim spa from Pettis Pools. This type of exercise has been shown by studies to lower your risk of a fall by up to 37 percent.

Walk, jog, row, swim, do water aerobics and yoga – all low-impact and beneficial!

The water in your swim spa supports you all around, so you get a good, effective workout without the stress on your joints.
The supportive nature of the water lets you exercise and practice your balance in an environment where you can feel confident and safe. If you fall – you’re only going to splash with a gentle landing.
As you get stronger, use the jets in your swim spa to increase the resistance of your exercise and improve overall balance.
And once you’re done (or anytime you feel like, really), you can use the spa feature of your swim spa for a nice, relaxing hydromassage. After all, getting the benefits of a pool, workout facility AND spa all-in-one is one of the biggest reasons so many people choose to invest in a swim spa.
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