9 Ways to Extend Your Swimming Season

Wishing summer could last forever?  Keep the dog days of summer wagging their tails well into fall with these 9 quick and easy tips.

  1. Solar Covers

Solar covers may seem like an obvious solution to keep the heat in, but a lot of pool owners overlook this important step when using their pool over the summer. Continuously putting a solar cover on when not swimming will help keep the heat in, even if the air gets cool. Contact us to learn more about solar cover options!

  1. Pool Heaters

Pool heaters are another way to keep you swimming even while the leaves are turning colors. There are many different types of pool heaters to choose from including electric resistance heaters, gas heaters, heat pumps, and solar heaters. Not sure which one is best for you and your family? Check out this article by Aquacal with more information on each heating option.

  1. Hot Tubs

Sick of chilly pool water the second fall hits? Invest in something that will extend your swimming season from summer and fall to all year long! A hot tub can be used in all seasons and can be adjusted to the perfect temperature for any time of year. Crank up the heat in the winter and cool it down for a “cool-tub” in the summer. Either way, purchasing a hot tub is a no-brainer if all-season enjoyment of water is your dream.

  1. Liquid Solar Covers

Liquid solar covers are an affordable and easy way to lengthen your swimming season. Simply pour in the liquid solar cover and the product will do the rest. You can swim and enjoy your pool like normal while the invisible, thin film on top will be working hard to keep the heat in and you swimming longer!

  1. Black Hose Heater

A black hose heater is a decades old DIY solution to keeping your water warmer, longer. Simply purchase a black garden hose and filter your water continuously through it. The hose will remain hot from the sun, slowly heating your water. Although this is not as effective as some methods such as a solar cover or pool heater, it is a cheap way to extend your swimming season. Still not convinced?  Check out this article by Medallion Energy to find out more.

  1. Pool Inspections

Damage to your pool that causes leaks are a fast way to lose water. Constantly having to refill your water level will cool it down quicker than the autumn air. The more direct hose water going into your pool, the faster your pool will lose its heat. Having an expert come and fix any leaks or damage can help keep you and your family splashing as long as possible. Click here to request a service from our experts.

  1. Outdoor Heaters

Sometimes it’s not the water that’s stopping you from swimming, it’s the air! We all know that feeling when the pool water is still warm from the hot days, but the brisk air makes goosebumps pop. Outdoor heaters can warm the air around the pool, so you can enjoy the pool longer! 

  1. Fencing and Landscaping

Add fencing or tall landscaping to block wind and weather from your pool. The updated fencing or new landscaping is a win-win. It will spruce up your outdoor oasis while also blocking the cool fall breeze, allowing for a longer swimming season.

  1. Winterize Like a Pro

A long-term way to keep your swimming season longer is to properly winterize your pool once it’s time to finally call it quits. Getting your pool professionally winterized can help prevent freeze damage and get things up and ready faster in the spring!
We all know that swimming season is the best season! Contact the experts at Pettis Pools today if you have any questions about how to make your swimming season last longer than ever before!