Never Stop Learning!

I have been in the swimming pool and hot tub industry my entire life. Literally, since the womb. My parents started Pettis Pools in 1962 and I was born in 1966. My mom used to park me in a wind-up swing inside our store so she could wait on customers. This industry has a way of getting in your blood and sticking. Maybe because it’s actually awesome to sell the products we do. Swimming pools, hot tubs, swim spas, saunas and patio furniture all add to the enjoyment of someone’s life and create a gathering place for friends and family.
This industry can also be a very technical and complex industry. Maintaining clean and safe water in both pools and spas, properly sizing and maintaining swimming pool equipment, staying current on all the latest industry education and best practices requires a commitment of both time and money. However, it’s a commitment we happily make each year by attending the 3-day International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo. This year it was held in New Orleans…one of my favorite cities!
Below, I’m highlighting some of the interesting new products we saw. Some we may already carry and others we are considering. If you see something you like, let us know and we’ll bring it in!We start each day bright and early attending educational classes from 7:30am – 10:00am. Speakers are brought in both from inside and outside our industry covering a variety of topics. Then it’s off to the show floor from 10am-5:00pm each day, scouring the event for cool new products, visiting with our current vendors, and attending even more educational opportunities. We never stop learning as we truly want to be your choice for pool, spa, sauna and patio needs.

Under the Make Your Hot Tub Life Easier & More Enjoyable Category:

Spa Aqua CombComb

Combined with a Quality Spray Filter Cleaner, this makes Cleaning Spa Filters a Breeze. It may seem like a small 7thing, but if you’ve ever tried cleaning between each pleat, you’ll appreciate this tool! “Spa Aqua Comb” – specifically designed for the shallow pleated cartridge filters used in most standard spas as well as larger swim spas.

How does a Spa Aqua Comb work?

Spray your Spa cartridge filter with a quality filter cleaner; let it sit 5 minutes. The Aqua Comb is a great tool to get dog hair and debris out of pool, spa and hot tub cartridge filters. When dirt accumulates on filter media, the water flow becomes restricted. The Aqua Comb attaches to a garden hose and has a powerful three-inch-wide spray and pic-comb to open pleats, which quickly and fully cleans a cartridge in three to five minutes using less water. A cleaner filter reduces the pump load, saving on your electric bill. Made in the U.S. Want to see it in action? Watch the video here:
Spa Comb in action!

An Easier Spa Cover

 Almost every new hot tub we sell goes out with a cover lifter to make the task of opening and closing the cover easier. But Leisure Concepts took it to a new level with their SMARTOP Upright 3.0. Acts virtually like an electric spa cover but no electricity needed. Can also hold up to 1000 pounds when securely closed and does not absorb water like traditional spa covers do over time.
Watch this video from :48 seconds in to 1:28. Let us know what you think!
SMARTOP Upright 3.0


Soak away stress in a luxurious, nature-inspired blend of the highest grade of natural healing salts, botanicals and vitamin infusion. The company’s therapeutic soak was designed to be a feel-good skincare indulgence for full body relief. The powerful salt soak is best paired with a stressed-out body or perhaps one in need of a little self-love.

inSPAration Spa Fragrance

Just Soft Spa is a fragrance-free warm water moisturizer that softens both your skin and hair during your soak. Just Soft Spa keeps your water feeling soft and luxurious. Use along with your favorite inSPAration aromatherapy liquid or crystal to enhance every soak, making it a completely relaxing and reparative experience. Also available is the company’s Swim Spa Rx, specially formulated for today’s swim spa to keep your water enhanced, moisturized and fresh. Packed with vitamins, extracts and skin moisturizing boosters, Swim Spa Rx will enhance every workout or recovery session


ADA-compliant Lift for your Inground Swimming Pool


                                                       Aqua Creek Products

The Mighty 400 Lift is a UL Certified, ADA-compliant lift designed to provide versatility and accessibility solutions with greater water draft of 12 inches and setbacks up to 44 inches. Additional features include an adjustable height seat pole and the best warranties in the industry with a five-year structural and five-year, pro-rated electronics warranty. The Mighty is also ideal for in-ground anchoring and created for adaptability. The Mighty Lift can be purchased with a pedestal for additional wall clearance or unusual gutter profiles.
These are just a few of the products that caught our eye. There were many more and the innovations within our industry are tremendous. The next decade should truly be revolutionary and we’re excited and proud to be a part of it.
After all the seminars and events were over, we departed NOLA with heads chock full of new knowledge and an appreciation for how far the industry has come.
At Pettis, we’re proud to specialize in products that help you get away every day and provide real value for your money. Contact us for any of your pool or hot tub needs. We’re happy to help you with any questions you may have!