Do you want a cleaner, clearer pool while reducing the amount of chlorine and its side effects? There is now a practical, efficient, and fantastic way to disinfect your pool is by integrating an advanced oxidation process or AOP. The Clear Comfort AOP treatment system helps to break down contaminants that chlorine can’t, leaving you with the healthiest and most enjoyable pool water. 

What is the Advanced Oxidation Process?
AOP works by oxidizing contaminated matters that thrive in a swimming pool environment. From germs and bacteria to dirt and chloramines, pools need to be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. While oxidation may seem like a complex process, it’s something you witness daily. Think of apples turning brown after you cut them, tarnished silver or rusting metal. 

Oxidation happens when electrons are lost, which in turn causes the item to start breaking down. The most popular sanitizer used to clean pools is chlorine which also works by oxidation. However, it may be time to think outside the box for a healthier alternative.

How Clear Comfort AOP Works in the Pool
Clear Comfort AOP reduces your exposure to toxic chemicals by producing hydroxyl radicals that rapidly oxidize and destroy various contaminants and eliminate the harmful disinfection byproducts created by using chlorine as your sanitizer. 

The hydroxyl radicals form when oxygen and hydrogen atoms fuse together. Because hydroxyl radicals are very unstable, they look for other substances to stabilize, but there’s a breakdown of the other substance when that happens. 

Using a proprietary and patented technology, the Clear Comfort system creates a gas that, when added to water, forms hydroxyl radicals and safe amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which destroys aquatic microorganisms and controls organic material. The Clear Comfort system produces an excellent biocide, which kills bacteria, protozoa and viruses. 

The Clear Comfort AOP system eliminates eye and skin irritation, lessens the risk of asthma and allergies, as well as reduces toxic chemical exposure. 

A Cleaner Pool
Clear Comfort AOP systems enhance any current chlorinating system by reducing the amount of chlorine these systems need to produce or introduce into the pool water.  

The term “shocking the pool” is sometimes used as a substitute for “oxidizing the pool.” It is the layman’s term for super-chlorination which is when 3 to 4 times the normal amount of chlorine is added to the pool water to “shock” the contaminants out of the water. At these high levels, the chlorine is oxidizing impurities but swimmers need to stay out of the pool. One way to think about how a Clear Comfort System works is whenever it is running it is “shocking” your pool. It is constantly destroying impurities which reduces the amount of chlorine needed in the pool and the best part, it is safe to swim.  

The Clear Comfort system pairs well with salt chlorine generators and NST Tablet feeders. If used with a salt system, the life of the salt cell will be extended due to the lower levels of chlorine needed and also less “boosting.”

Pettis also has the perfect combo system, Clear Comfort and a NST Feeder System. The NST System uses non-stabilized chlorine tablets in a special feeder which is installed next to the filter system. These two systems offer the cleanest, clearest and most comfortable water available!

Safer Sanitization
While AOP is lethal to contaminants, it is non-toxic to humans. It doesn’t produce toxic byproducts making it gentler to use than chlorine, and it also destroys chloramines, eliminating some of the most undesired effects they can create. By using the Clear Comfort AOP, you’ll be able to reduce your chlorine level to one more comfortable for you, reducing the strong chemical odor that often accompanies chlorine usage. 

Safe for the Environment
After the hydroxyl radicals oxidize contaminants in your pool water, they quickly change back to oxygen, which is what allows AOP to be classified as an eco-friendly system. It disinfects your swimming pool without affecting the environment. You can rest well knowing that water splashed from your pool won’t affect your nearby plants or greenery.

Overall Value of Clear Comfort AOP
As with any advanced technology, there is an upfront investment but the return on that investment is huge with a Clear Comfort AOP System. There is no price to be placed on the health and safety of your family. For the first time ever, there is a way to keep your pool clean and clear of chlorine resistant pathogens and a safe way to constantly oxidize contaminants without adding more chemicals. The reduction of chlorine also means the extension of the life of your pool liner, filter system and swim suits. As the price of chlorine skyrockets and availability diminishes, having a Clear Comfort AOP System starts paying for itself faster and faster.

Your Monroe Pool Service Experts
One of the most essential aspects of maintaining your pool is sanitization. If you’re interested in a new pool or are wanting to improve your existing pool care, we suggest integrating the Clear Comfort AOP. While this blog attempted to provide as much information as possible about Clear Comfort and AOP there are even more details. We encourage you to stop by one of our two locations in Greece or East Rochester to talk to us today. 


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