Aqua Leader Phantom

The Aqua Leader Phantom above ground swimming pool is one figment of your imagination you’ll be pleased to know is real.


   52″ Wall Height  5 Year, 100% Warranty*    Salt Friendly  Made in Canada

This amazing pool blends Timeless Design With Rugged Durability to give you the perfect backyard retreat for your family and friends. The Phantom is packed with loads of incredible features including 7.5” resin wall posts, 52” pool wall and 6” resin top rails that make the perfect drink holder in-between sips. With four round sizes to choose from, you’ll be able to Find The Perfect Fit For Your Backyard and your family’s needs. Imagine after a long day at the office, coming home to find your family laughing and playing in your new pool, calling for you to join them because they all know, once you hop in the real fun begins!

Available in 18′ Round, 21′ Round, 24′ Round and 27′ Round with Riverstone Liner shown below.

Riverstone Liner

*See stores for full warranty details 


Post Detail

Rail Detail

Wall Detail