Why I Choose Pettis this Summer

By Aubrey Finn, Summer marketing intern

Aubrey Finn

Aubrey Finn

Since I was a freshman in high school I have managed to have at least one job (more often two) every summer. I worked as an office assistant, in retail, in maintenance—it feels as if I’ve done it all. Through countless days of work I learned I like working. I enjoy learning new things and keeping busy, and honestly, I like the money and being able to pay for my own things. However, although I learned that I liked working, I learned that the experience can be ruined in a poor environment.

I have had good management and poor management, good co-workers, and co- workers that I sure don’t miss! Throughout all these different environments, I learned where a job environment has good management and good co-workers the situation is hard to beat—no matter what the job itself is. I would rather work a terrible job surrounded by amazing people than work a great job surrounded by people with bad attitudes.

Both of my brothers had experience working for Pettis and I heard a lot about it from them. In the countless stories they both told, the one thing I noticed was they never had anything negative to say about their co-workers or management there—and that spoke volumes to me. When I got the email Pettis was looking for an intern in my field I jumped at the opportunity. In fact, I hadn’t been looking for an internship at all, I only applied because it was a Pettis internship and I wanted to work for Pettis; especially if it involved marketing.

I absolutely love it. The people are so nice and helpful, plus the environment is very laid back. I’m really glad I was given this opportunity and I’m really glad I chose Pettis—you should, too.