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Welcome to Cottonwood Season!

A quick how-to about preventing the problems cottonwood can cause in a swimming pool

It’s that time of year when beautiful white stuff falls from the skies—no, we don’t mean snow. We’re referring to the fluffy menace known as cottonwood. Read on to find out how to keep cottonwood from gunking up your pool.

1)Filters: Use a Filter Saver to prevent cottonwood from becoming trapped in the filter. This will clog the filter and require

Cottonwood Tips

Cottonwood Tips

opening up the filter to remove the cottonwood—it does NOT backwash out of the filter. Clean off Filter Saver daily.

2)Heat Pump: Make sure to vacuum or hose off any cottonwood from the outside of Heat Pumps. The cottonwood prevents air flow and will shut down the heat pump.

3)Pumps: Take time to clean cotton wood off of pool pump, especially off the back end where the cooling vents are found. The cottonwood can cause the pump to overheat and shut off.

Salt Systems: Clean the “Strainer Screen” on a regular basis to prevent it from becoming clogged and shutting down the generator.


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