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Enjoy yoga in your hot tub!

Enjoy yoga and lose weight in your hot tub

Yoga is growing in popularity because this practice is excellent for improving or resolving many problems of the mind, body and spirit. In fact, a great place to practice hot tub yoga is at home in your very own personal hot tub retreat! With hot tub yoga, the warm water helps increase flexibility and makes it easier to stretch. Also, the increase in your body temperature releases endorphins—the same feel good chemical our body releases when we exercise!

Hot tub yoga

Let’s look at several ways hot tub yoga can help people lose weight, reduce stress and increase your sense of well-being. After all, it’s all about wellness at Pettis Outdoor Living & Sauna.


Doing yoga in your hot tub helps with weight loss in the following ways: stress reduction, calorie burning, and improving digestion.


Stress reduction

Stress reduction begins by simply stepping into a hot tub—but you can relax even more with some slow deep breathing. As you do different poses, let your breath become a little more full and slower.


Calorie burning

Yoga poses and breathing techniques burn calories. With different postures, you can move rapidly or, conversely, hold poses that require you to engage your muscles for a long time.


Improving digestion

Wait a few hours after eating to do your yoga practice so your blood can work toward digestion instead of your movements. Certain yoga poses help align the gastrointestinal tract so it runs more smoothly. Many stomach woes have mental and emotional causes—stress, anxiety, depression—and practicing yoga can help you achieve a better mind/body balance.


Hot tub yoga is really useful for losing weight because:

  • You burn calories
  • You build muscle
  • It’s a great tool for stress reduction
  • It requires you to drink more water
  • It increases blood flow to aid in digestion
  • It increases your metabolism


Here is a link to an overview video about hot tub yoga to help give you ideas about what it can do for you.


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