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Hot tubbing is the best—nothing helps you relax, de-stress, sooth aches and pains and reconnect with loved ones like hot tubbing! The last thing you want to worry about is the water’s sanitizing system. The majority of hot tubs use a chlorine- or bromine-based chemical system to keep the water sanitary. The hot tub industry has tried to reduce the amount of chlorine necessary as much as possible, but there still needs to be a significant amount chlorine to keep the water clean.

BAQUASpa core products

BAQUASpa core products

Many people are allergic to chlorine or have a sensitivity to chlorine/bromine and can’t enjoy the benefits of hot tubs. Even without a sensitivity, bathers can experience dry skin and the strong chlorine odor left on their skin after hot tubbing.

There is an alternative that allows hot tubbers to enjoy all the good of hot tubbing without the unwanted side effects of chlorine or bromine. BaquaSpa® Water Care system is not low chlorine—it’s NO chlorine. BaquaSpa® Water Care has been used in thousands of hot tubs for almost twenty years. Pettis Outdoor Living & Sauna has carried BaquaSpa® since its inception, and we have hundreds of hot tubs on this easy water care system.

BaquaSpa® uses a sanitizer widely used in hospitals and most contact lens solutions. The Oxidizer AKA Shock in the BaquaSpa® system is hydrogen peroxide. The two main products in this system are commonly used in the medical industry for sanitization. Unlike chlorine, BaquaSpa® will not affect the spa water’s pH and alkalinity levels, which is the main source of damage to the hot tub’s equipment and surfaces. This means you and your hot tub benefit from switching to BaquaSpa®. Add the three core BaquaSpa® products once a week and enjoy your hot tub without the chemical feel and smell of chlorine/bromine.

The next time you drain and refill your hot tub is the perfect time to switch to no chlorine or bromine BaquaSpa®. The water care experts at Pettis Outdoor Living & Sauna will walk you through the simple startup of the BaquaSpa water care system.