Enjoy Peace of Mind Your Sauna Experience Is Low-Impact Green Impact The Finnleo pure sauna experience is designed from a profound respect and care for the nature that inspires it. We only use timber from sustainably-managed forests originating in countries known for their responsible forestry management—Canada and Finland. We have also taken great care to  Read More

What to Consider when Thinking About a Sauna of Your Very Own Keep these tips in mind when planning Craig Lahti of Finnleo offers these tips: When planning/designing your sauna, you should consider the following when determining the size and location of the sauna: How many people will be using the sauna at one time?  Read More

Sauna Benefits Are Way Beyond Simple Relaxation Ease Your Daily Stress Away Modern living is complicated. We have had to become experts in time and stress management. Our work is more demanding, our home and life responsibilities more challenging than any previous generation. We believe this only makes the case for owning a sauna—and taking  Read More

A few minutes a day is all it takes to look and feel better. Emerge relaxed, revived and ready for whatever the day may bring. A traditional sauna allows the human body to sweat, which flushes out toxins. It is the largest organ in the body; and it plays a major role in the detoxifying  Read More

Alzheimer’s Association Shares “10 Ways to Love Your Brain” How sauna may be able to help you with these practices.  My father, Larry Pettis (pictured below), was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at just 61 years of age back in 1991, and as you would imagine, it was devastating for our entire family. He had worked so  Read More

Do you come home from work feeling tired, stressed, and sore? Chances are, feeling sub-par all of the time routinely kills your motivation to work out. Your lack of physical exercise before, during, and after work only compounds the stress, soreness, and fatigue that you feel. You need something that will relieve your muscle tension  Read More