It’s that time of the year again when our personal goals are flooded with resolutions and plans for the New Year. We generally greet this time of year with feelings of excitement toward being healthier and feeling renewed throughout the year. Like many others, the lessons learned in 2020 may have dramatically changed the way  Read More

Traditional vs. Infrared Sauna – What’s the difference? We get asked this question quite frequently so we wanted to bring you the most comprehensive explanation we could find…straight from the experts at Finnleo. Excerpted below is part of a detailed article on the differences written by Keith Raisanen, President & Founder of Finnleo Saunas and Craig Lahti, Director  Read More

Alzheimer’s Association Shares “10 Ways to Love Your Brain” How sauna may be able to help you with these practices.  My father, Larry Pettis (pictured below), was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at just 61 years of age back in 1991, and as you would imagine, it was devastating for our entire family. He had worked so  Read More

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