The warm, beautiful, and fun summer days have slowly faded away, leaving you with chillier weather and a lot less pool usage, signaling that it’s time to focus on closing your pool for winter. A properly winterized pool will be able to withstand cooler temperatures without getting damaged. Below are some pool maintenance tips to  Read More

Water care is important in maintaining a clean and clear hot tub. If you’re not a chemist, don’t worry! It’s easier than you might think! Hot tubs come with automatic cleaning cycles and some come with on-board sanitizing systems. There are three major parts to water care and each part of the equation is equally  Read More

Under the sea Darling, it’s better Down where it’s wetter Take it from me … Let’s start by dispelling a common myth. Saltwater pools aren’t actually salty. People hear that term and think of ocean water, but the truth is, the salt content is about 10 times lower in a saltwater pool – close to  Read More

SPRING WAKE-UP SALE! Value Pak Savings! Pre-Season Discounts! Specials! Coupons! It’s time to get ready for a summer of backyard fun. Visit our East Rochester patio showroom for furniture styles you’ll love or take a stroll through our Greece pool park and take an up-close look at a variety of pools. Specials include: Above Ground  Read More

Rain, rain go away! As this has been a particularly rainy summer, we wanted to take a moment to talk about what happens to your pool water with all this rain. A rainy day may keep us out of the pool but unfortunately it brings a lot of stuff into the pool. Rain washes pollution,  Read More