Aluminum Furniture

Aluminum outdoor furniture does not rust, is very durable, requires little maintenance and has the ability to take on any look or style that a furniture designer has the imagination to create.

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Powder Coat Finish

The state of the art finishing technique used on most metal frames is called powder coatinLegendary_2g. Dry paint particles are ionized and sprayed onto the frames. The paint is then baked, resulting in a very durable and thick finish that gives a more comprehensive coating than a wet paint finish. This painted finish is the barrier that keeps aluminum from oxidizing (although it will not rust). A good quality powder coat finish is extremely resistant to chipping, peeling, cracking and fading.

Tubular Aluminum

With tubular aluminum furniture, the frame is made from extruded tubing that is formed when molten metal is forced through a die which shapes it into a hollow tube. The variety of shapes that can be created is unlimited, ranging from simple round tubing to wide “racetrack” extrusions and everything in between.

alluminum_tropitone_strap_vinylTubular aluminum construction typically includes vinyl straps, fabric slings or cushions for the seat and back portion of the outdoor furniture. All three are replaceable over time if the need arises. On a good quality aluminum frame, the metal frame will far outlast the softer material used for the seat and back. When investing in this type of furniture, it is a good idea to ask how easy it is to purchase these replacement parts when needed. An outdoor living specialist will usually supply parts for any furniture purchased from them.