Cast Aluminum Furniture

Cast Aluminum has become one of our most important categories as more and more people seek out its beautiful designs and exceptional durability. We make special, large buys in early winter so that by the time the snow melts, our warehouses are bursting with sets waiting to find a new home. We have cast aluminum furniture by the truckload!

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Consider these benefits:

  1. Cast aluminum outdoor furniture is durable. Thanks in part to its wide availability as the most common metal in the Earth’s crust, aluminum already has a long history of use in industry and engineering. In fact, it is commonly used for important components in the automotive industry as well as in spacecrafts and rockets! It is well known for its resistance to corrosion and rust, making it perfect for use in outdoor furniture where it is likely to be exposed to the elements.
  2. Cast aluminum patio furniture is light weight. In addition to its resilience to the outdoors, cast aluminum outdoor furniture is relatively lightweight and easy to move, yet very strong. Cast aluminum furniture, especially when provided with a high-quality finish, may look similar to wrought iron with its intricate design, but it will last much longer with less care and won’t corrode with age.
  3. Cast aluminum furniture is artistic. The technique involved in casting aluminum (pouring the liquid metal into sand casts) allows for greater detail and thus newer, fresher shapes and designs than you will find in other metal furniture. Because aluminum furniture manufacturers do not have to worry about the weight of their material, you will find that cast aluminum furniture may feature more intricate detailing and more comfort than its wrought iron or wood counterparts.