Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture is one of the most traditional and elegant elements you can add to your patio. Because wrought iron patio furniture is so classical, it easily blends with just about any style of patio, deck, garden, or landscaping. There are designs to fit every need.

Wrought Iron Sets are truly one of Our Best Values! We have many timeless and classic looks from Made in the USA Meadowcraft & Woodard as well as contemporary styles from Kettler, our German manufacturer. These sets won’t get tossed around in the wind and can be passed down from generation to generation.

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(not everything we carry is exactly as shown although anything can be ordered)

Benefits of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

  1. Long Lasting – Will provide years and years of service if taken good care of.
  2. Easy to Clean – Wash when necessary with soapy water and rinse. Simple enough?
  3. Weather Resistant – Can withstand the elements.
  4. Strong and Solid – Feels like the heavy metal it is. No bowing or flimsiness here.
  5. Style and Design – Available with an abundance of different designs. Some is even hand-made, so every piece is slightly unique.
  6. Comfortable – While some designs are rather upright, they are still very comfortable with or without cushions. Add cushions and pillows if desired.
  7. Durable – Does this fit into one of the above categories? If not, here it is…Wrought iron patio furniture is very durable. And if something does break over the years, it can be repaired rather than needing to be replaced.
  8. Heavy – Iron furniture is not going to blow away in heavy wind…That’s for sure. Unless it is REALLY heavy wind!
  9. Finishes – Available in many different colors and finishes.
  10. Versatile – Can blend well with any landscape, patio, or deck design.