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Closing Your Inground Pool

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Inground Pool Winterizing Checklist

In our area where we experience freezing weather, it is important that your pool be properly “winterized”. The following check list will help you review procedures.

Before you winterize

  1. Pool must be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned. Dirt and debris left in the pool over long periods of inactivity can cause staining and be much harder to clean in the spring.
  2. Pool water must be at the proper pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels.
  3. Chlorinated pools must be shocked with a heavy dose of shock and the proper size winterizing kit used.
  4. Filters (sand, DE, cartridge) must be flushed and chemically cleaned with a chemical Filter Cleaner.


1. Remove all deck equipment (ladders, handrails, pool alarms, etc.) and store

2. Skimmers

  1. Water level should be lowered below skimmer face plate. If you are in a high water table area, this recommendation may be modified. See store for details.
  2. Remove baskets and weirs. Pour a non-toxic pool antifreeze in skimmer. Never use automobile anti-freeze – it contains additives that can stain and damage the pool liner.
  3. Plug skimmer. A “gizzmo” acts as a plug and an ice compensator and is recommended. (For inground pools only)

3. Lines

  1. All plumbing lines must be blown out, a non-toxic pool anti-freeze added and plugged. An air compressor or special vac is usually connected to the line at the pump to do this.

4. Filters

  1. The filter tank must be completely drained and the pressure gauge removed.
  2. The safest thing to do with the filter pump and motor is to remove them and store where they won’t freeze. Otherwise, all moisture must be removed.
  3. The filter multiport should be placed in the “winter” position. If there is no such marked position on your filter, then the handle should be left in between any two positions.

5. If you have a heater on your pool, it must be properly drained and fuel shut off. (See manufacturer’s recommendations)

6. An in-line chlorinator or mineral system must have the winter drain plug removed. (See manufacturer’s recommendations)

7. Cover pool. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations. If water tubes are placed around the perimeter, they should be filled only 2/3 full to allow for ice expansion.

Note: Pettis Pools does offer inground pool winterizing service. Prices vary depending on size and location.

For information, call us at 392-7711 and ask for Sue or Colleen… but hurry — schedules are filling up fast.