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Our line of Kokomo Grills and BBQ Islands offer solid engineering that provides an exceptional grilling experience. Quality stainless steel construction and commercial-grade stainless steel burners help ensure your Kokomo Grill will last for years and provide maximum performance. We are proud to offer a product that will last due to the superior construction design and techniques. We offer fine selections in both propane and gas grilling options. Our grills range in size to accommodate a range of 5 to 50 friends. The grill features include sear burning briquette systems, infrared back burners, stainless steel warming trays and much more.If it’s quality, durability, and superior craftsmanship you are looking for in your grill, then choose from the best with Kokomo Grills.

Our BBQ Islands are a quality statement from the word go and can last even in our tough climate. Some of the features built into every island include:


The most important aspect of framing is a thorough knowledge of structural design and engineering. Large spans are becoming more prevalent in our industry, our competitors build BBQ Islands on two-foot centers. At Kokomo Grills, they build on a maximum requirement of one-foot centers using 20-gauge steel. This is what prevents our BBQ Islands from twisting and cracking.

Island Wall Construction

The walls of our islands are constructed with a cement board made by “Hardie Backer”. This material is strong and also impermeable to water.  Hardie Backer is mold proof, fire proof, and water proof.


After application of the Hardie Backer, the island is then taped with fibermesh. They also apply coats of “dryvit brand”  which flexes with our climate of hot and cold, essentially guaranteeing that your island will not crack or peal. While this quality may go unnoticed on a showroom floor, it is something that will keep your island looking great years after your purchase.

Counter Tops

All of the counter tops are floated; this ensures the counter to be level preventing cracks in the tile. They use only the best porcelain tiles and natural stones including a variety of travertine, marble, and granite.

Trex Floors

Our islands are supported along the base of framing and raised slightly off the ground, supported by a waterproof trex composite decking that carries a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our unique system design offers several benefits to our customers.

1) Your island is supported consistently throughout its “entire” frame, not just the corners.

2) Slightly raising your island will hide under your imperfections in the foundation.

3) You are able to easily hose out under your island, preventing moss and dirt build up around the edges of your island.