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Come stroll through our beautiful Pettis Pools Outdoor Pool Park at our Greece Location


We are SOLD OUT of Above Ground Pools.

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Visit our Greece location’s pool park to see what your new pool will look like in an outdoor setting. You’ll have a good idea of actual size choices, too.

At our Greece outdoor pool park, you’ll see several above-ground pools on display, our semi-buried Ultimate pool and an in-ground pool with a cut-away view of construction details.

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    Our 2020 Line-Up:


plan[1]Planning Your Installation

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The key to a successful pool installation is keeping a few simple guidelines in mind as you plan.

  • Check code requirements for your town; secure required permit.
  • Check for easements.
  • Avoid trees and roots; leaves in pools can cause problems with staining and keeping the pool clean and the water clear.
  • Avoid underground pipes, cables, and septic lines.
  • Select a site that allows for proper supervision and a clear view of the pool.
  • Position pump and filter near electrical outlets, if possible.
  • Position skimmer to take advantage of prevailing westerly winds, if possible.
  • Allow 12 inches of undisturbed soil around pool.
  • Pool-Park[2]Avoid sudden slopes within 6 feet of pool.
  • Do not install on any abrasive area, nut grass, Bermuda grass, etc.
  • Remove grass, stones from site. Bring in enough sand for 3-4 inches of base.
  • Doing it yourself? Have 2 or 3 helpers; avoid windy days.
  • Pettis Pool & Patio has been in the above-ground pool business since 1962. You won’t find gimmicks or pushy salespeople at our stores. What you will find is solid value, knowledgeable personnel and the most trusted product names in the industry. We stand behind what we sell.

You can buy with confidence when you buy from Pettis.