Aqua Leader Jazz

The Aqua Leader Jazz above ground swimming pool was designed with three key ingredients in mind – durability, low maintenance, and family fun!


   54″ Wall Height 5 Year 100% Warranty*  Salt Friendly  Made in Canada

*See stores for full warranty details

The 6” resin top rails and 7.5” wall posts were created using a state of the art injection moulding process for Superior Strength and preservation over time that also makes these pieces salt water friendly. This beautiful above ground pool features some incredible contemporary finishes including Rounded Top Rail Caps, wall posts inspired by museum pillars, and engineered top rails. The Jazz top rails feature unique channels that work to capture water making your rails less slippery when entering and exiting the pool. The 54” Wall Is The Tallest We Offer making it the perfect option for families with kids from young to old and swimmers from beginner to professional.

Aqua Leader has once again raised the standard of excellence in the above ground pool industry with beautiful 54” Jazz pool.  The color of the Jazz pool’s resin components are solid all the way through so they can never fade. The Jazz is a unique and highly attractive above ground pool with refined lines.

Available in 18′ Round, 21′ Round, 24′ Round and 27′ Round 

Comes with this beautiful Riverstone beaded liner

Radial Top Rail

      Top Cap

Attractive Post