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Thursday Pools is the perfect choice for the inground fiberglass pool of your dreams. Get the details on our latest pool designs, check out cool features and options and learn why our innovations set us apart in the fiberglass pool industry.

We welcome you to flip through the pages! And imagine yourself in your own backyard oasis. Be sure to check out our newest 2020 Brochure featuring the two newest members of our family–Grace and Sandal–the world’s first beach entry fiberglass pools.

What Makes Thursday Pools Unique?

Nine Layers of Strength

Let’s think of a fiberglass pool shell as a huge sandwich. A sandwich is a composite, which basically means it’s made up of different materials. Each material is applied in layers with the goal of giving the entire sandwich maximum flavor.

Such is the case with a fiberglass pool, which is also a composite. It’s manufactured in multiple layers with each layer serving to maximize the strength and durability of the entire structure. In other words, our fiberglass pool is thought of as a sandwich of strength. Hence, we affectionately refer to our unique manufacturing methodology as our Composite Sandwich of Awesomeness.

Geo-Anchoring Pool System™ ©

Thursday Pools developed the Fiberglass Pool Geo-Anchoring System to help secure your investment by providing extra strength to the fiberglass pool structures.

The Geo-Anchor Pool Wall prevents wall movement or bulging if water is lowered per the Thursday Pools Owner’s Manual. The specially formulated geo-textile material is infused into the pool wall during manufacturing, then rolled up and secured for delivery. During installation, it’s rolled out into the backfill and covered, thus anchoring it to the earth. The extension of this material allows the backfill to grip the pool wall to the earth.

Please note: the Fiberglass Pool Geo-Anchoring System is an option on all of our fiberglass pool designs; however, it does not come standard on any of them.

The Backfill Eliminator ©

The Industry’s Best Solution for Tanning Ledge Support!

Fiberglass pool owners love the luxury of being able to bask in the sun while cooling their heels in the water on a large, built-in tanning ledge. However, these ledges have created a major challenge for fiberglass pool installers as they have struggled to find ways to support the ledges with backfill during installation. It’s a composite structure that has an extra thick honeycomb core and numerous support pillars. The structure is added during the manufacturing process and encases the tanning ledge on the underside of the pool.

Please note: the Backfill Eliminator is only an option on our fiberglass pool designs that feature tanning ledges and does not come standard.