Finnleo Far Infrared Saunas

finnleo_infra_2finnleo_infra_1finnleo_infra_3Invest in your good health!

The latest in organic carbon technology will give you the ultimate IR Sauna experience.

Whether you use your sauna to wind down after a stressful day at work, after a workout to reduce pain in muscles and joints, to detoxify for a healthier body, or before bed to promote a deeper, more restful sleep, let a Far-Infrared Sauna work its special effects on you. Learn more about the 10 Healthful Benefits of Sauna.


Finnleo sets the standard in infrared sauna design and performance. Manufacturing infrared saunas since 1997, their saunas are superbly designed, have high quality craftsmanship and materials, and are loaded with standard features.

If you want the best possible infrared experience, both performance and safety-wise, there is no other choice than Finnleo.

Beware of what you see on the internet! Anyone can make a picture look good and write convincing copy. But the old adage of “You get what you pay for” has never been more true than in the infrared market. Though competitors try to copy Finnleo’s design and patented technology, it simply cannot be duplicated. Finnleo Infrared Saunas offer supreme value.

Arm yourself with knowledge! Download Finnleo’s Infrared Shopper’s Guide here.

Finnleo makes three series of Infrared Saunas to suit any budget:                                                                                       View our helpful G-B-S Series IR Room Comparison Guide.

The Entry-level G series offers 3 models from 1-3 people all of which plug into a standard 15 amp household outlet.   For excellent infrared therapy and great fit-and-finish quality, nothing compares to the Finnleo G Series dollar for dollar.

 View the G series models here.

The Value-line B series represents the state-of-the-art in high output, perfectly tuned far infrared wavelength technology, delivered via the absolute safest infrared panels available today at any price. Certified by Intertek, Finnleo’s CarbonFlex IR emitter panels have been proven to be the lowest in EMR (Electro-magnetic Radiation) and EF (Electrical Field) output, nearly rivaling that of “pure nature”.

View the B Series Models here.

The Premium S Series line is identical to the B Series with its Low EMR / Low EF infrared emitters and in the industry’s best warranty protection, but also comes in the most contemporary and beautiful designs ever created.  All-glass, non-claustrophobic fronts, upper and lower valance lighting, state-of-the-art touchscreen sauna & stereo control system, and more combine to make the S Series the best overall infrared sauna experience you can invest in.

View the S Series Models here. 

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