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Field Service

Leaky filter system? Pump not running? Need help?

Our qualified technicians provide extensive service for above ground and inground pools.

** Please note: We do not currently work on gunite pools. They are a specialized area of pool care that we have chosen not to concentrate in.

Call Kim at (585) 392-7711 x102 or Eileen at (585) 392-7711 x114 or click here to submit a service request.

Below is a list of our most common requests:

Service Department Field Labor Pricing for Common Jobs

Bucket TestUsed to determine if pool is leaking$80.00
IG Caretaker OpenCaretaker Start-Up$110.00
IG Caretaker ClosedCaretaker Winterize$110.00
Chlorinator Installation$130.00*
Cover Pool w/ Safety Cover$135.00
Cover Pool w/ Any Other Cover$160.00
Estimate ServiceEstimate – verbal or large jobFree
Estimate for insurance or inspection (can be put towards future service)$75.00
Fencing InstallFencing Installation$85.00 per section
Install FilterFilter Installation$190.00*
Filter/Pump LaborPump & Motor/Filter Combo Install (labor that exceeds 2 hours will be charged hourly rate)$260.00*
Frog InstallInstall FROG Mineral System$150.00*
Install HeaterHeater Delivery & Install (Hef-T Pad not included)$270.00*
Heat Pump Labor & DeliveryHeat Pump Delivery & Install (plumbing only – Hef-T Pad not included)$270.00*
Install BypassHeater Bypass$275.00*
Heater RemovalHeater Removal$130.00
How-To InstructionHow-To for Pool & Equipment$80.00
Leak DetectionFind Leak(s) – patching not included$160.00
Light LaborLight Replacement – Inground Pool$199.00
Replace IG BulbLight Bulb Replacement on light$85.00



Replace MultiportMultiport Replacement on Filter$150.00*
Patch Liner LaborPatch Liner (without purchase of leak detection)$140.00 Up to 3 patches
Patch Liner (with purchase of leak detection)$90.00 Up to 3 patches
Removal of AG PoolPool Take Down – Above Ground Round only. (liner to curb, we remove metal) *prices may vary$400.00
Pressure TestPressure Test Underground Lines (up to 5 lines, add’l lines $25 each, does not include center drain)$160.00
Pressure Test with Leak DetectionPressure Test/Leak Detection Combo$250.00
Pump LaborPump & Motor Install$160.00*
Pump & Motor Pick UpPump & Motor Pick-Up for in-store repair$40.00
Pump & Motor ReturnPump & Motor Return from in-store repair$40.00
Salt Gen Labor AGSalt Gen/Anode Combo Del & Install Above Ground$230.00*
Salt Gen Labor IGSalt Gen/Anode Combo Del & Install InGround$310.00*
Anode Install (after market)$100.00*
Sand Change AG

(combine with your opening and save $15)

Sand Change for AboveGround Filter (extra $50 to remove sand from site)Sand included up to 150#$209.00
Sand Change IG

(combine with your opening and save $15)

Sand Change for InGround Filter      (extra $50 to remove sand from site) Sand included up to 300#$269.00
Saturday FeeTo accommodate service on a Saturday$25.00
Solar Reel AttachAttach Solar Cover to assembled solar reel$100.00*
Solar Reel LaborAttach Solar Cover and assemble solar reel$200.00*
Installation AG SkimmerInstall AG Skimmer (add’l $75.00 fee to drain water 6″ below skimmer to be able to install)$180.00*
Spider Gasket LaborSpider Gasket Replacement$99.00*
Please see notes below:

*All product is additional. Above are labor prices only. Basic materials needed to complete a job are included in above pricing. Job may be subject to additional costs if materials above and beyond the basics are required.  

Miscellaneous services are charged at a rate of $80.00 for the first half hour or less; $130 up to an hour.; $65.00 per half hour after a full hour of service. Examples of miscellaneous services include: Jandy Valve installation, Ladder/Step Assembly, Liner being put back in its track, Scoop leaves & debris.

AG Wall Damage, Coping Repair,Drainage, IG Wall Repair, IG Skimmer Replacement, Return or Skimmer Line Replacement, Drain & Reset of Liner, Pump and Clean Pool and any other renovations will need to be physically looked at prior to quoting.

We reserve the right to only work on equipment that was installed by Pettis Pools.