Inground Swimming Pool Liner Replacements

Inground Liner Replacements — Our Specialty

We’ll make that old pool look like new!

Why Choose Pettis?

Replacing your liner is an investment, and you want true craftsmen doing the job. When your pool needs service, it’s important to turn to a company who’s been around for a while, whose personnel has had a chance to learn not just from books and seminars but from years of experience too. At Pettis, our liner technicians have decades of experience in this work, giving you true peace of mind.

New beautiful 3-D photo-realistic contemporary liner patterns have revolutionized the industry. Your pool will look better than new!

Swimming pool liner replacement colors in Rochester, NY

You won’t recognize your old pool with its new liner! Choose from over 80 gorgeous patterns!


Order early! To start the process, come in to either of our two locations, make your liner selection and leave a 50% deposit. Pool measurements are then taken and the liner order faxed to the factory for fabrication. Because each liner is made only after receiving this order, there is a waiting period—anywhere from two to four weeks; maybe even longer when the season is in full swing—before the liner is received. Then it’s out with the old and in with the new! Repairs are made to the pool bottom as needed, lines are tested. Enjoy your new pool! It never looked so beautiful!

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2020 Fox Pool Inground Pool Liners

A designer in-ground pool liner can be the spectacular centerpiece of your backyard environment, transforming your pool into a work of art. Choose from our three manufacturers above and give your pool an updated look!