Pool Openings

Pool Openings

**Important Update Regarding Covid-19 and opening swimming pools.**

Pool openings are now considered an essential service and are permitted. Our vans and people are ready to go and we have already started opening pools. We are accepting appointments for openings and sand changes and will perform all work in the order it was received in. We strongly suggest you order your season’s supply of chemicals at shop.pettispools.com and add in the notes section ‘bring with pool opening‘ and we will happily bring it with us. We appreciate your patience and your understanding as we navigate these challenging times.

Click here to request your opening online or call (585) 392-7711 ext. 114. There you will be connected with either Eileen or Kim who will happily assist you. Please note: We do not service or open gunite swimming pools at this time.

In Ground Pools

  **Waterbag, Loc-In covers, or Snap In Covered Pools**

  • 329.00 plus tax……. (355.32)- all pools 15’x30′ or smaller
  • 349.00 plus tax……. (376.92)- all pools 16’x32′ thru 18’x36′
  • 369.00 plus tax……. (398.52)- all pools larger than 18’x36′
  • 464.00 plus tax……. (501.12)- all pools with spas

  **Mesh Safety Covered Pools (Loop-Loc and the like)**

  • 294.00 plus tax……….(317.15) – all pools 15’x30′ or smaller
  • 314.00 plus tax……….(338.32) – all pools 16’x32′ thru 18’x36′
  • 334.00 plus tax……….(360.72) – all pools larger than 18×36′
  • 429.00 plus tax……….(463.32) – all pools with spas

Add 110.00 (plus tax) to above prices for pools with a Caretaker system


Above Ground Pools

  • 274.00 plus tax……. (295.92)- all sizes round and oval

On Ground Pools (Kayak, Ester Williams, Fantasy, etc.)

  • 304.00 plus tax……. (328.32)- all sizes

Start-Ups (Take cover off only OR cover is off and finish opening)

  • 174.00 plus tax……. (187.92)- No Chemicals Included
  • 194.00 plus tax……. (209.52- Includes Chemicals

*Cover cleaning is only included with cover removal.

Any pool with more than 8″ of water on the cover will be charged an additional fee based on the length of time to remove the water. (65.00 per ½ hour)

*Note that a mileage charge of at least $ 40.00 will be applied to all openings that are more than 15 miles from either store.

**Pool vacuuming is not included with openings.

Included with Openings

  1. Remove the water and leaves from the cover, clean and remove the cover. If the cover is dry- it will be folded.
  2. Brush and roll the waterbags.
  3. Re-assemble the filter and filter plumbing. The motor will be tested to make sure it is not seized and ready to run.
  4. If the water level is high enough, the pump will be primed to get the filter running.
  5. Install ladders, handrails and diving board (if needed) ** Addt’l charge of $50 per person if needed to install or remove step system.
  6. Chemicals Added as appropriate (see below):
    1. Chlorine Pools: Chlorine and Algaecide are added.
    2. Salt Chlorine Generator Pools: Chlorine and Algaecide are added.
    3. Baquacil Pools and Baquacil CDX Pools: Baquacil Oxidizer and Baquacil Algicide are added.
    4. EZ Pool Pools: Small amount of chlorine is added.

Miscellaneous Services

Sand Change ( includes the cost of sand)

  • 150# or less……    194.00 plus tax (209.52)
  • Less than 300#… 254.00 plus tax (274.32)

** The old filter sand will be left on site. We can remove it for an additional charge of 50.00. We will need to know ahead of time, so the crew can be prepared.