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Traditional Hot Tubs

The Quality Leader In Luxury Hot Water Products

Originating in 1969, MAAX Spas® has become a leading hot tub manufacturer, available at over 350 specialty retailers across North America and Europe.

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American Whirlpool: How The World Says Quality

Your American Whirlpool hot tub has been designed for years of hydrotherapy and relaxation. The Northern Exposure Insulation System, Steel Frame and Dr. Designed Zone Therapy are just a few of the exclusive features you will discover as you experience your new American Whirlpool hot tub.

American Whirlpool offers an entire line of models to personalize your spa experience and fit into any outdoor space.

Vita Spas

Vita Spa: Vitality For Life

For over 30 years, Vita Spa has had a history of creating quality, comfort and relaxation in every hot tub. So much more than just a hot tub, a Vita Spa is that space where you escape to put your mind and body at ease.

Your new Vita Spa offers features like a steel frame, fully electronic operation and a sustainable design to truly deliver vitality for life. Your complete satisfaction is our objective and the result is evident in every spa we produce.

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