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Softub Portable Hot Tubs

Softub: America’s favorite portable hot tub since 1986!

And our favoriteLogo 30th Anniversary too ever since 1994—our very first year with Softub—when we won the “Rookie of the Year” award!


Discover Softub, the lightweight full-featured portable hot tub that will change the way you look at hot tubs! Perfect for today’s health-conscious consumers who appreciate the added benefits of hydrotherapy. Advanced technology provides exterior structural strength with a uniquely comfortable and soft interior. No other hot tub can offer this!

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Simple is better!

  1. Set it up. Weighs less than 80 pounds when empty. Softub hot tubs are very simple to move and install. Can be used indoors or outdoors …. in nearly any location imaginable.
  2. Plug it in to any dedicated 110volt electrical outlet. No special wiring or plumbing needed! Includes GFI.
  3. Costs only pennies a day to operate. Unique heat recovery system warms your Softub’s water using only the waste heat from the pump motor! This eliminates expensive heaters and dramatically reduces hot tub operating costs! Only pennies a day!
  4. Enjoy! Powerful hydrotherapy jets create perfect hydro massage. Relax with family and friends. The padded surface is as comfortable as an easy chair. Stretch out (features barrier-free seating). Thermostat maintains your temperature so it’s always ready!

1-800-996-TUBS (8827)

Softub Express

Softub Express is a division of Pettis Pools. Created in 2002 and headed up by Julie Pettis, Jennifer Kestler, Dianna Cummings & Erin Colling, Softub Express is the major dealership in the New York area for Softub. They also take care of a large part of Florida as well and Julie lives there from November-May each year. This division has taken high honors year after year for providing exceptional sales and service of the Softub product line.


Julie Pettis accepts award naming Softub Express “Number 2 Dealer in the World” from Softub CEO Tom Thornbury and President Ed McGary at 2006 ceremonies.

Star-Tent You may have seen Softub Express locally at various festivals and shows throughout the years including Homearama, Fairport Canal Days, Corn Hill, and the Lilac Festival. Throughout the summer season, there is a permanent display at the Windmill Farm & Craft Market in Penn Yan. Statewide shows include the NYS Fair, Delaware County Fair, Washington County Fair, Dutchess County Fair, and many, many more. And of course, Softubs are always on display at both Pettis Outdoor Living & Sauna store locations.

We love telling people about the Softub portable spas. Hundreds and hundreds of happy Softub owners have joined us in saying that a Softub hot tub is incredible! Available in three models and many different colors, Softub Express has the perfect Softub hot tub for everyone!

Check our web site for a current list of festival showings.

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