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Vita Spas

Your Hot Tub for a Better Life

Superior Quality

The focus of every Vita Spa is on you and it all starts with construction.  Because when you purchase a Vita Spa,  you’ve made one of the smartest and best investments possible.

Steel Frame

Steel-Structure-Lifetime-Warranty-FinalThe steel sub-structure used in Vita Spa’s 700 and 500 Series has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material available.  The light-gauge steel frame provides greater structural integrity than wood, as well as superior corrosion protection for a much longer life.  So, complete with the the ABS Sealed Base, this is an integral part of the support structure in a Vita Spa hot tub. It’s one-piece construction provides a rugged foundation that seals the bottom of the spa, locking in heat and sealing out moisture. In addition, this steel structure design allows for complete serviceability of the entire structure and all mechanical parts. Essentially, the spa can be serviced and brought back to factory specifications right in your backyard. We call this feature “appliance grade” and it’s important to consider the serviceability of your hot tub just as you would any other home appliance.



Complete Massage

A Vita Spa delivers a complete back massage like you would get at a massage clinic. In a complete back massage there are five movements or techniques that are commonly performed to improve circulation, relieve tension and relax. These are; effleurage, petrisage, tapotement, circular friction and vibratory. Your Vita Spa utilizes different types of jets in the specific configurations throughout the spa to deliver these treatments.

Classic Massage

The Classic Massage uses a combination of five styles of massage to release muscle tension and promote total body relaxation. The friction and vibration assist the release of toxins from the muscles as well as stimulating the skin and nervous system.  You’ll love this gentle yet effective massage.

Effleurage Massage

Only Vita Spa uses this unique white water system to emulate the effleurage technique you would experience with a professional masseuse. The gliding action of the jets warms up the muscles – leaving them relaxed and prepared for a more intense massage.

Tapotement Massage

This treatment is a rhythmic tapping using the edges of the hands or lightly with the palms. Tapotement is done using specially designed jets placed in a variety of seats that pulse the water to deliver this effect. A tapotement massage promotes blood flow and circulation to help the body carry away toxins and acids that can build up and cause pain and stiffness.


With Vita Spa’s reflexology seats, therapy focuses on areas of the hands and feet that are believed to be related to other areas of the body, including organs, glands, and systems. Soothing your reflex points reduces tension while improving blood flow and re-establishing harmony to improve overall health.

Circular Friction Massage

This is also called cross fiber massage and is achieved by precise and powerful circular jets that deliver this effect in a variety of positions according to where they are located in the spa. A circular or “cross fiber” treatment unlocks stiff and tired muscles to relive stress and increase mobility.

SenFlo® Therapy

Sometimes it’s the little things like this Vita exclusive which uses Sen modules in the spa design to massage and stimulate feet and hands. You’ll love experiencing the amazing feeling of SenFlo™ Therapy.

WiFi Connectivity

Complete Control at the Tip of Your Finger

Why go out in the cold to check your hot tub when you can do it from the comfort of your home or even your office. With the Vita Spa hot tub app you have complete control of your 700 Series hot tub from anywhere. Control the temperature, change filter cycles to save money or turn on the jets and lights before slipping into the soothing waters.

    Superior Sound Vita Tunes


Thoughtful amenities and superior options provide a level of luxury and pleasure for every sense. This optional Bluetooth Music System is both waterproof and corrosion resistant. Our speakers boast a crisp, clear sound for true music fidelity.

Bluetooth Technology

State of the art Bluetooth technology puts the music at your fingertips. Enjoy your favorite artists and playlists anytime with this easy to use music system. Simply sync any Bluetooth compatible device, slip in to the soothing waters and enjoy.

A Powerful Duo

An advanced, state of the art spa controller provides the ultimate in ease of use, safety and reliability for every spa user. The Powerpack with M7 Technology is a revolutionary new hardware/software platform that completely eliminates mechanical sensor switches and remote through-wall temperature sensors. These “Smart Sensors” accurately and reliably measure water temperature while monitoring critical water conditions without the possibility of failure due to mechanical switch malfunction.

Vita Spa hot tubs utilize industrial duty 56 frame pumps in all of their 240 Volt models. The 56 frame motor is larger, more powerful and delivers higher water flow for better jet performance than the 48 frame motors found in most spas. They also run cooler for longer life and have lower amp draw for lower operating costs.