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Pettis Perks Reward Program

One of the ways we reward our loyal customers ♥

Not an actual credit. For illustration purposes only.

You could be receiving a $10 credit on your account!


Join our Pettis Perks Reward Program today and start earning your free money!

Click here for the Pettis Perks Membership Form



Click on the link above to download your Pettis Perks Membership Form, then bring the completed form into either Pettis Pools location and receive your FREE Pettis Perks Reward Card. We also have the forms available at our stores if that is more convenient. Use your Reward Card every time you shop at our stores, and earn free money!

Program Highlights:

  • Earn $10 when you reach cumulative total purchases of $250 or more. Each time you reach the $250+ threshold you will receive a $10 credit on your account at Pettis Pools. Yes, you can use them with other promotions. You can even save them up and apply several to your purchase, as long as you do so before the expiration date. You will also receive advance notice on sales and promotions at Pettis but only if we have your email address!
  • Special “members-only” coupons emailed to you directly.
  • Refer-a-friend program earns $25 credit to your account when you refer a friend who purchases a single item valued at $500 or more.
  • Bonus days when you can earn $20 coupons!

How the program works:

  • Fill out the brief membership form and get your FREE Pettis Perks card at either Pettis store location.
  • Present your Pettis Perks card each time you shop at either Pettis location.
  • Each week we will automatically apply a $10 credit on account to those who have reached the $250+ threshold.
  • You can earn credits weekly!
  • When you’ve earned a credit your reward account is automatically reset to zero so you can start earning another one!
  • Purchase cannot be less than value of the credit(s) and the credit(s) cannot be expired.
  • Yes, you can use more than one credit but each credit redemption requires a minimum $10.00 pre-tax purchase
  • Valid in store only.
  • Credit valid for one use only.
  • The costs of taxes or gift cards are not counted toward any minimum purchase required, and credit cannot be applied to such items. Credit may not be used to pay late fees or returned check fees.
  • You must apply your credit(s) at time of purchase.
  • Credit(s) must be redeemed by our winter recess of the calendar year they were earned in.

Thank you for choosing Pettis!