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Helping you keep your pool clear and ready to swim is always our first priority.

Having been in this industry since 1962 we have seen many, many chemical systems come and go. We use our experience to bring you the very best in water care treatment systems that offer proven, quality products – not the latest trend. Whatever you choose, you’ll find a large dedicated water test center at both locations. When you bring in a pint-sized sample of water taken from your pool or spa, we will put it through a series of tests to determine your water balance and level of sanitizer. These results are then fed into a computer program which analyzes these numbers and provides you with a status print-out, along with any remedial recommendations.

Free Computurized Water Testing at Pettis Pools & Patio

It is recommended that you have a complete analysis done at the beginning of the season and if there are no problems, then two or three times during the season as a preventative measure. A number of tests will be performed using the most advanced water test technology available, and a computerized printout will tell you the condition of your pool and advise what, if any, corrective measures should be taken to bring your water into balance. There is currently no charge for this service at our water test centers. We cannot guarantee the results for any brands other than poolife®, Baquacil®, Ultima Salt Solutions®, FROG®, or EZ Pool® as our software is designed based on the quality of the products we carry. Before closing your pool for the winter, your water should be also be brought into balance. Spa water should be professionally tested at least once a month.

Our complete line of chemicals for both pools and spas includes those shown here as well as well as many, many more sanitizers, cleaners, and specialty items.

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