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Ultima LogoComprehensive Chemical System developed for pools using Salt Chlorine Generators

We have been installing Salt Chlorine Generators on pools now for over ten years. When they first came out on the market, many people mistakenly believed (or were even misinformed by others) that using a Salt Chlorine Generator somehow magically meant they did not use chlorine in their pool. We have heard countless times in our stores, “We don’t use chlorine, we use salt”. That statement never fails to amaze us because if you have a Salt Chlorine Generator on your pool, you are indeed swimming in a pool sanitized by chlorine. And not just any chlorine. Your generator manufactures sodium hypochlorite, better known as liquid chlorine.

Liquid chlorine is an effective sanitizer for your pool. It does raise the pH of your swimming pool water and it is not stabilized, meaning it is very much affected by the UV rays of the sun. That’s why it is very important to have your water professionally tested to determine if you need to add stabilizer to your pool and to maintain proper pH levels.

Although Salt Chlorine Generators automate the daily addition of your sanitizer, they alone are not a comprehensive system for keeping your pool water clean, clear and safe. These devices do not test the water, clean your filter, adjust, balance or handle a weekend pool party. As such, it is important to understand that there still will be some maintenance and that you must regularly be checking your water’s chemistry to ensure proper levels of Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Stabilizer, Salt level and metals. We offer FREE, fast and accurate water testing at both of our store locations.

We also highly recommend our salt customers use the Salt Solutions system by Ultima. This program was developed to provide you with safe, clean, crystal clear water while optimizing your generator’s performance and extending the life of the cell.

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