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Zen Hot Tub Models


The unique 2 person “Getaway” spa offers an intimate getaway for 2. Its compact size is perfect for those with limited space and our lounge seating provides comfort for all sizes. The polymer surface is extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. A Solid bottom allows it to be placed on any surface.


This spacious round “Escape” spa comes with a variable depth design, offering maximum comfort and seating flexibility. The Escape has mufti-level bench seating and a deep foot well. Our unique insulation system offers maximum energy efficiency in any climate. Just fill the spa, plug in, and relax… Owning a Zen Hot Tub has never been easier.


The “Sanctuary” spa offers a natural look in any landscape setting. The built-in steps make it easier to get in and out of the spa. Full side access panels allow for easy access to all plumbing and fittings. Its chrome jets and sleek design offer a touch of class not offered by other polymer spas. Just fill the spa, plug-in and relax.


Zen Hot Tubs™ warrants the entire Spa Shell surface against water loss and structural integrity due to defects in the spa for 5 years. For original purchaser only, warranty is non-transferable.


Zen Hot Tubs™ must be placed on a Patio, concrete slab, gravel base, hard packed ground or deck that is flat and level, and the same size as the Spa or larger. Spas cannot be placed on uneven ground or on extremely Soft ground as it will sink and both may damage the Spa. The key to all base applications is FLAT & LEVEL. As long as you are 2”- 3” with in level, on any surface, you will be fine. If you are NOT using an existing Patio or previously constructed Deck or Base, please see the options below to find the one that will suit your situation best.