SeaKlear 90 Day Algae Prevention & Remover

One of the top items on any pool owner’s to-do list is keeping algae at bay. This is such a common concern that we wanted to highlight an outstanding product developed to deal with just this issue.
But, first, a caveat: this algaecide is not designed to clean up a pool. It is a preventive measure. If your pool is already green, then come in and talk with us. We’ll help you with the right steps to get the water back to a sparkling state again. At Pettis Pools & Patio , it’s our job to make your life (or at least the part of it that relates to pools!) easier. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions.

Now, back to one of our favorite products, SeaKlear 90-Day Algae Prevention & Remover. This is one we use in our own pools because of its effectiveness. It controls all types of algae including: blue-green, black and mustard. One treatment really does last three months and it is non-staining as well. The perfect time to use it is at the beginning of the season, then you don’t have to worry all summer long.
The working ingredients are only activated by the presence of algae. In other words, they lie dormant unless there is a “threat.” Because it is only active when necessary, it won’t break down like other general-purpose algaecides. This is the reason it lasts so long in your pool. Imagine only having to worry about adding algaecide once during a typical season.
To use: Dosage is 16 oz for 10,000 gallon-comes by the quart.
Finding, testing and stocking time- and money-saving products like these are one reason our customers are so loyal. They know that we listen to their wishes and wants—and scour the “pool universe” to bring them innovative, phenomenal products to make owning a pool even nicer. Stop in and pick our brains any time!