Pettis Pools and Fox…A Winning Combination!

FOX POOL CORPORATION THE STRONGEST NAME IN POOLS SINCE 1957. Fox began manufacturing steel wall, vinyl liner pools in 1957. And Pettis Pools began carrying the Fox brand in 1962 and is the only brand of vinyl-liner, steel-wall pools we’ve built ever since. Pettis Pools is actually the oldest Fox Pool dealer in the country, which is something we’re very proud of. Why Fox? It’s simply the best so why would we build anything else?

Since then, they have continued to lead the vinyl liner industry with many new and exciting innovations.  In addition to all the advancements in design and the dazzling array of options available, we believe a Fox pool is the clear choice for our climate at the same time providing more value for your dollar than other pool construction types. Let one of our inground specialists show you why and help you design the backyard of your dreams!

Backyard Getaway…Every Day!

An in-ground swimming pool in your own backyard adds a whole new dimension to your lifestyle. In addition to the beauty that only a spacious body of water can provide, a pool becomes an integral part of your life. And so does the company with whom you contract.

Pettis Pools & Patio has been installing prize-winning Fox in-ground pools since 1962, and we’re proud to say that our affiliation with that company is still strong today, making us one of its oldest dealers. Why have we stayed with Fox for all these years? Simple. There is no finer engineered in-ground pool on the market. Period. Hundreds and hundreds of our pool installations have proven that time and time again.

Because an in-ground pool becomes a permanent part of your home, it is critical that you invest in a quality product and a quality contractor. That’s Fox. That’s Pettis. You won’t go wrong with this winning combination!

How to Get Started

How do you get started? Easy. Simply call either of our two locations or click here for your FREE in-home estimate.

We’ll take a look at your yard, listen to your dreams, and discuss the options available to you. We’ll show you pictures of completed pool installations and if you wish, give you the names of satisfied customers to contact.

We’re proud of our longevity with Fox Pools and we’re proud of each and every pool we build. The next one could be yours! Financing is available through Lightstream or Key Bank.

Structural Integrity Guaranteed with Fox X-Brace Technoloy

Fox Pools use some of the same technology used in building bridges, tall buildings, water towers, and other structures that require high strength due to high stresses. Your swimming pool holds thousands of gallons of water while holding back thousands of pounds of earth. In order to ensure structural integrity over many years, it’s important that your pool walls will remain intact regardless of external forces. With the Fox X-Brace technology, you get just that. Patented by Fox, the X-Brace structure provides 100% support for your pool walls without concern of internal or external pressures. This design is so strong your pool will stand with or without water, so well engineered that your deck can be poured and completed before filling the pool. This X-Brace engineering principle has been authenticated in an exclusive Engineering Report, prepared by an independent consulting engineering firm. We’ll be glad to show you a copy—your assurance of lasting strength in any Fox pool you select.

Pettis Has the Perfect Pool For You

Fox and Pettis have the perfect pool for you, with over 65 standard sizes and shapes including diving pools, exercise pools, all-family fun pools, and more. Or choose a pool that echoes nature’s own designs such as Fox Lagoons or any of the unique Freeform pools. Create your own custom pool to fulfill your special desires.

But don’t wait too long to get started. We build only a set number of pools each year so that our quality is never compromised. Your job gets the full attention of experienced crew leaders, all personally trained and mentored by owner Steve Pettis. Our inground team members treat every job like it’s their personal pool and no detail is overlooked. You’ll be in good hands with Jeff Ames, Steve Gross, Tom Cobo, and the rest of their team.