American Whirlpool

The Ultimate Hot Tub. Built to last a lifetime, American Whirlpool® features the world's first Steel frame - Appliance Grade® structure. For the ultimate relaxing and healing experience, American Whirlpool® also features the world's first medically designed jet massage systems called Zone Therapy®. Experience the exclusive features that make your new American Whirlpool® the ultimate hot tub.

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Vita Spas

The focus of everything done at Vita Spas is on you and it all starts with construction. When you purchase a Vita Spa, you can be sure you’ve made one of the smartest and best investments possible. Your new Vita Spa™ has been created with an amazing array of features to give you Vitality for Life. The complete satisfaction of our customers is our objective and the result is evident in every spa we sell.

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Wellis Spas

Wellis is the leading spa manufacturer in Europe, and puts their focus on quality and innovation as their key success factors within the industry. With the latest smart spa solutions and innovative massage experience recommended, Wellis introduces our products to the US market. Their corporate mission is to provide the best quality product, with the best massage, and relaxation experience, on a competitive price to their customers. All the 500 employees, with 2 factories, within the Wellis family works for the same goal every day, and that is to bring the Wellis wellness experience into your home.

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For over 30 years, Softub® has been an extraordinary adventure. From humble beginnings in a small shop in Los Angeles, CA, Softub® is now a worldwide corporation with factories on both coasts and distribution in all 50 states and over 30 foreign countries.

The primary reason for Softubs ®'s great success is the truly unique break-through product concept. Lightweight (less than 90lbs. when empty), comfortable and affordable, Softubs plug into any dedicated 110v outlet and heat without a heater by using a patented heat-exchanger design. Each Softub® Spa is proudly handcrafted in the United States; it doesn't come off an assembly line like most spas.

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PowerPool Swim Spas

Ready to start shopping for your swim spa? Pettis Pools proudly carries American Whirlpool® Power Pools and we offer a wide range of unique swim spas designed to fit your budget and needs!

Four Seasons Swimming

Enjoy the benefits of outdoor swimming all year long in a PowerPool® swim spa. In many places of the world, the outdoor swimming season is short and heating a conventional in-ground pool is expensive and impractical. With your new PowerPool®, you can swim and entertain guests any time of the year without the hassle and cost of a swimming pool. Never worry about winterizing your swimming pool again, PowerPool® swim spas are made with the same high-efficiency Northern Exposure® insulation system as our hot tubs. Additionally, the locking insulated cover means your PowerPool® is hot and ready to use at any time of the year. Swim, Train and Relax year-round!

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Wellis Swim Spas

Feel the experience of endless swimming in a Wellis swim spa.

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