Wellis is the leading spa manufacturer in Europe, and puts their focus on quality and innovation as their key success factors within the industry. With the latest smart spa solutions and innovative massage experience recommended, Wellis introduces our products to the US market. Their corporate mission is to provide the best quality product, with the best massage, and relaxation experience, on a competitive price to their customers. All the 500 employees, with 2 factories, within the Wellis family works for the same goal every day, and that is to bring the Wellis wellness experience into your home.

Peak Line

The Peak Line spas have all the features required of a premium category hot tub. If you are looking for premium quality and want to experience the brand’s latest technologies, Peak Line was created for you!

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City Line

The new CityLine spas combine a modern look with conventional values. It combines durability, ergonomics, and energy efficiency in one product.

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My Line

Unique appearance with affordability! Get immersed in this carefully designed and crafted Collection to relieve yourself of a multitude of daily aches and pains.

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