Take the trouble out of pool and/or hot tub ownership and enjoy all the benefits instead! Let the professionals at Pettis Pools take care of it. We understand that your time is a precious and limited commodity, and we’re here to make it easy….to take it easy!

Pool Service

There are many components to properly maintaining a swimming pool, and each pool has its own unique features and conditions. Many products exist to make your pool ownership a breeze, and we’re here to help with that. When you need assistance, you want to call a company that’s been around for a while, whose personnel has had a chance to learn not just from the books and seminars but from years of experience too. We have a fleet of service vans on the road and respond to all kinds of service requests throughout the region.

Visit here for our service brochure to see the full scope of services we provide.

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Hot Tub Service

If you find yourself in need of hot tub repair or cleaning, Pettis Pools is here to help! Whether you use your hot tub for relaxing, entertaining, or the perfect night with that special someone, it is our goal to get your hot tub repaired and/or cleaned, so you can go back to enjoying it.

We service the following brands: American Whirlpool, Vita, Softub, Tuff Spas, Baja, Gatsby, Marquis, Coleman, Caldera, Dimension One, Master Spas, and 5 O’Clock spas. If you have a brand not listed here, please call us and we will try and refer you to the appropriate repair center.

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Open My Pool & Close My Pool

When the spring and winter months roll around, make sure your pool is ready. Pettis Pools offers pool opening and closing services to ensure your pool is ready to swim in spring and ready to hibernate in winter. We open and close hundreds of pools every year and book up fast! Visit here to request your opening. Visit here to request your pool closing.

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Why Choose Pettis?

Replacing your liner is an investment, and you want true craftsmen doing the job. When your pool needs service, it’s important to turn to a company that’s been around for a while, whose personnel has had a chance to learn not just from books and seminars but from years of experience too. At Pettis, our liner technicians have decades of experience in this work, giving you true peace of mind.

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Loop-Loc Mesh Safety Covers

Another Pettis Specialty! Let us protect you and your family...beautifully! Safety Pool Covers - To Be Sure, Make Sure It's a Genuine LOOP-LOC Pool Safety Cover.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - except when it comes to your family's safety. So make sure you protect your family with “The ELEPHANT™ Cover”. The only mesh safety pool covers proven strong enough to support an elephant: LOOP-LOC. No other pool safety cover meets their quality standards - or comes with their commitment to superior customer service.

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Field Service

Leaky filter system? Pump not running? Need help? Our qualified technicians provide extensive service for above ground and inground pools. Take a look at all we do.

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