Millions of homeowners across the United States enjoy the luxury of having a swimming pool right in their backyard. Whether it’s for exercise, family fun, or relaxation, pools are a cherished addition to any home. In regions like the Northeast when the sun isn’t always on its best behavior, taking a dip in the chilly  Read More

If you’re planning to build a custom inground pool in your backyard, careful consideration is key to a successful project. While the prospect of having a private oasis at home is undoubtedly exciting, there are some things to consider as you embark on the pool design & construction process. Aside from the top 10 questions  Read More

The Barracuda brand suction-side vacuums have a hard time working when the water is very cold – under 60 degrees.  They have a neoprene, think soft rubber, diaphragm.  This diaphragm will open and close rapidly when the pool pump pulls water through it.  This moves the vacuum around the pool. When the water is cold  Read More