A proper and diligent spa cover care routine can certainly be the difference between you needing to buy another cover in 3-4 years instead of it lasting 5-7 years. Here are some tips to get the most out of your new spa cover.

  • Keep the cover clean. The vinyl needs to stay clean and conditioned. Use a mild detergent and water solution to clean the vinyl portion of the cover at least twice per month.
  • Use a moisturizing product, such as 303 Protectant, at least once every two months. Do not use any product with silicone in it. We have found that the use of these products tends to draw the moisture out of the vinyl, leaving it susceptible to cracking.
  • Wipe chemical residue from the underside of the cover every chance you get. These residues, if left on the cover, start to break down the material causing it to become porous. Water vapor begins to penetrate the EPS core when its protective layer becomes too porous.
  • Maintain proper spa water chemistry. We cannot stress this enough. As your spa water chemistry is more balanced, the vapors coming off the tub are less corrosive. Making the vapors less corrosive leads to the protective layers of the cover to degrade more slowly, thus prolonging the life of your cover. Failing to maintain proper water chemistry may void your warranty.
  • Unzip the cover and clean just inside the zipper at least twice per year. Mildew has a tendency to build up here and if you have not kept your sanitizer levels up you may develop this problem. Use a weak ammonia and water solution.
  • Remove the EPS cores and flip them over at least once per year. The cover is a protective layering system designed to slow the EPS core absorption of water vapor. The corrosive vapors formed in your spa break down these layers over time. By flipping the cores over, you start to work on the other side of the protective wrap on the core.
  • Remove the cover for 20-30 minutes after shocking your spa water. As the shock is burning out the chloromines and bromimines in your spa water, highly corrosive vapors are released. Following this tip will protect your covers materials from premature degradation.
  • Completely remove the cover at least once per week to allow the water to drain out of it. Always completely remove the cover while using your hot tub. We highly discourage the practice of only opening one half of the cover while bathing in your spa.
  • Use a floating thermal blanket in addition to the traditional hard-shell insulating cover. Floating covers, by bringing a layer of insulation to the water level, drastically cut down on evaporation. Evaporation is the primary delivery vehicle for bringing the chemicals and contaminants to the cover. Cutting down evaporation reduces the amount of damage done to cover.

Following the above tips for maintaining your spa cover will ensure it lasts as long as possible.